Why Perfume On Jewellery Is Not Such A Good Idea?

Why is fragrance on jewellery not such a good suggestion?

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Has this happened to you before? Your jewelry no longer has the shine like it used to or you just don’t get as many compliments for your favorite pendant or this breathtaking necklace! Well, this could be a sign of some lack of maintenance here and there. But most of all it could have something to do with your beauty care and especially with your perfume! This is often due to the essential oils, ethyl alcohol and dyes contained in perfumes. Shocking isn’t it? But do not worry. You just need to understand why this is happening and the effects it can have. With that being taken care of, we can find a regimen to help you look and feel great while your jewelry stays shiny!

The effect of perfume on gold jewelry

the effect of perfume on gold jewelry

First of all, it is important to understand that gold is a very ductile and malleable metal and therefore does not have the strength to hold the intricate shapes of jewelry design. As a result, almost all gold jewelry contains a small percentage of metal alloys such as silver, copper, palladium, zinc, etc. to ensure that the jewelry holds its shape and does not bend, break, or break easily.

While perfumes do not react directly with pure gold, they can corrode the metal alloys that make up gold jewelry. As for gold, the perfume can often cause this precious metal to discolor or just tarnish its luster, which has a direct impact on the look and appeal of the piece of jewelry.

The effect of perfume on silver jewelry

the effect of perfume on silver jewelry

As you may already know, silver is a metal that oxidizes quickly, which is why most of the silver jewelry and utensils you may own often turn metallic black with regular use or in direct contact with air. Unfortunately, silver also reacts similarly and fairly quickly when exposed to the chemicals found in perfumes.

You may be wondering if sterling silver jewelry doesn’t oxidize so easily, it is likely not to react with perfumes. Sorry to disappoint you, sterling silver is made of copper, and when that copper comes in contact with the chemicals and moisture in perfumes, it turns green. As you may have guessed, your sterling silver jewelry can take on a greenish hue if regularly exposed to perfume. The same applies if the jewelry comes into contact with fragrant oils.

The effect of perfume on diamond jewelry

The effect of perfume on diamond jewelry

For the most part, diamonds are considered too strong to be harmed, especially by something as light and seemingly subtle as perfume. However, it is not. In fact, diamonds and all other natural gemstones are prone to damage because of the essential oils found in perfumes. The build-up of these oils on the diamonds can result in a pale yellow hue that is difficult to remove. Not only do they take away the inherent shine of diamonds, but they can also lead to a loss in value.

If your diamond jewelry shows signs of such damage, make a solution of six parts water and one part ammonia and use it to clean the jewelry with a soft brush. Of course, we don’t have to tell you that in such cases it is better to be safe than sorry.

The effect of perfume on pearl jewelry

The effect of perfume on pearl jewelry

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that, when compared to gold, silver, and diamonds, peels are the most susceptible to damage from perfumes and hairsprays. Pearls can not only discolor from exposure to perfume, they can also lose their texture and shine. Therefore, it is considered best that pearls be worn after a significant period of time from using perfumes. In addition, it is best to keep pearls in clean and dry zippered bags to avoid physical damage.

The effect of perfume on artificial jewelry

The effect of perfume on artificial jewelry

As much as it is hard to believe, perfume can also damage imitation jewelry. Even more heartbreaking, most of this damage is permanent and cannot be repaired. This is due to the comparatively poor quality of the metals and alloys that are used to design imitation jewelry.

And before you start thinking about another tangent, let’s bring you the news. Even organic perfumes, fragrances, and oils have the same effect on gold, diamonds, silver, pearls, and art jewelry. Therefore, regardless of the brand or type of perfume or fragrance you use, it is advisable to use it at least 10-20 minutes before wearing your jewelry! And when it comes to buying jewelry that is worth all of the hassle, you’ve come to the right place at KuberBox – India’s Most Trusted Online Jewelry Shopping Destination!

frequently asked Questions

  1. Does perfume affect gold?

Perfume cannot corrode pure gold, but it can cause discoloration and, in some cases, tarnish its luster. However, the synthetic materials used in perfumes can prove to be corrosive to the alloys used in gold jewelry.

  1. Does Perfume Affect Sterling Silver?

Unfortunately yes. Perfumes can tarnish sterling silver jewelry by reacting with the copper alloy it contains.

  1. Can you wear perfume with pearls?

Ideally, you need to avoid wearing perfume with pearls on it. If this is necessary, it is highly recommended that you wear the perfume first. Wait 10 to 15 minutes and then wear the pearls. This will help avoid strong reactions that could harm the pearls.

  1. What measures can help prevent damage to gold, silver and diamond jewelry?

To keep your jewelry in the best possible condition, stick to these easy-to-follow steps –

  • Avoid wearing jewelry while swimming and engaging in strenuous activities that can lead to sweating
  • Do not wear jewelry before applying sunscreen
  • Make sure to remove jewelry in an environment with high levels of dirt, dust, or moisture
  • Always wait 10-20 minutes after applying perfume, makeup, or other cosmetics to your skin before putting your jewelry on

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