Which engagement ring should I get my girlfriend?

Which engagement ring ought to I get my girlfriend?

When you read this blog post, we first of all welcome you and say: Congratulations! You are preparing for the journey of a lifetime. Deciding to propose to your girlfriend is an important step in your relationship. We’re here to help you keep everything running smoothly. This article will tell you which engagement ring to get for your girlfriend.

Once you’ve decided on a proposal, the big question comes up. Which engagement ring should you give your girlfriend? Finding the perfect ring can be daunting when you have no idea where to start.

Read on for tips on how to decide which ring your girlfriend will love.

1. Listen carefully

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Very often the answer you are looking for may be in the simplest form. An ad with a piece of fine jewelry may be displayed. Does a ray of sun paint on her face when she sees a diamond ring? Try to capture her comments and facial expressions to see if she likes a particular ring type or not. She might see a ring and something like, “Awwh what a beauty!” Say. And that can be your Eureka moment right there.

She could show you a ring from her friend or colleague who recently got engaged on Instagram. She will either be delighted with the ring design or regret it. Take notes on anything that might be useful.

2. Go James Bond on their jewelry

Carrying and engagement ring with a jewelry collection

Your girlfriend probably has a certain taste in jewelry. Most of the girls do. Take a quick peek inside her jewelry box when she’s not around.

If you didn’t pay attention to your jewelry before – now is the time. You can find clear clues about her favorite ring type by looking at the jewelry she already has.

3. Go to her Pinterest

Pinterest engagement ring

Examining their jewelry box is great when it comes to figuring out their tastes. But most likely you won’t find her dream ring there. What if we told you that there is a magical place where your dreamy ring lies, patiently waiting to be discovered?

That’s right: it’s on their Pinterest board. Girls don’t just pin engagement rings that they hate. Pinterest can easily be your second Eureka moment. Endless hours she spent browsing Pinterest for reasons you never understood before could finally pay off.

4. Take them to a jeweler

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A quick visit to a jewelry store might be just what you need. Find a valid excuse like buying a new watch or choosing a birthday or anniversary gift for your mom or girlfriend. She will most likely go to the ring section at some point.

Now is the time to watch closely what kind of rings she might get into. You can also prepare things in advance. In advance, ask the seller to pay attention to what styles of rings your girlfriend leans towards.

If you’re near New York, feel free to make an appointment at our 5th Ave Jewelry Boutique.

5. Pay attention to her favorite fashion style

Vintage style dress for outdoors

Make sure the engagement ring matches her fashion style. She might prefer casual wear. In this case, the ring shouldn’t stick out too much. You can try some minimalist design rings.

Maybe she has a closet full of vintage clothes. In this case, vintage rings are the way to go.

6. Team up with her best friend

Best friends talk

While not always recommended, you can ask your best friend for help. Usually it goes without saying that teamwork should stay a secret, but to be sure, you can ask her best friend to keep it to herself.

You can find a few engagement ring pictures that you think your friend would like to have and send them to her friend. She can then forward them to your friend, with the excuse of helping a friend choose a ring for their friend. Then she can copy and paste your friends’ opinion on each of the rings.

There is also the possibility that her friend already knows what your friend’s favorite ring type is.

7. Talk to family members

Ask mother a question

Chances are, her mom has an idea of ​​what type of ring her daughter likes. Maybe you’ve bought her a ring before. Maybe they bought a ring for someone else before, or they know if they had a particular engagement ring in mind.

But be careful, because talking to family members can be a double-edged sword. You may be too curious about details that you haven’t figured out yourself. Arm yourself with patience beforehand!

8. Ask them directly

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Yes, you read it right. Asking your girlfriend which engagement ring to get her can make things so much easier. Many girls prefer to tell their friends what kind of engagement rings they like. After all, she’ll wear it non-stop, so it’s better to be as she likes (or you might be in trouble).

She might well know which ring she is going to get, but make sure the suggestion remains a factor of surprise.

9. Do your internet research

Video call to the jewelry showroom

Make Google and YouTube your teammates. You can check out which ring styles are trending in 2021. If your girlfriend loves to follow fashion trends, this is even better. Check out the trending cuts, shapes, and gems. Each gemstone represents a specific symbol. Do a quick search to make sure you pick the one that best translates your emotions.

Now that we’ve given you enough advice on what type of ring it is to get your significant other, let’s go into some details.

Choosing the right ring size

Ring size on the finger

Imagine spending weeks trying to find the right type of ring, only to find out it doesn’t fit your finger on the big day. Sure, she will most likely be able to resize, but why the added hassle? You can save yourself time by carefully measuring your ring size beforehand.

She might have a couple of rings in her jewelry box. Do you think she could leave without even realizing that either of them is missing for a few hours? If so, take it to the nearest jewelry store and ask the seller to measure its size. Or maybe you don’t have enough time to travel. In this case, measure the inside diameter of the ring and determine the size accordingly.

Read more tips on how to find out her ring size without her knowing.

You can opt for the “ask them directly” option. In this case, you can go to a local jeweler together and have your ring size measured. There are many alternative ways that you can get your ring size as well.

An advice

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Choosing which engagement ring for your girlfriend is not the easiest task. The good news is that the tips we gave you today are sure to work. They are tested on hundreds of thousands of prospective grooms like you.

When your girl knows the engagement is coming, she’ll give you some pointers – no doubts. Look for tiny details like the expression on her face when she casts an eye over the rings in the shop windows. Look for keywords like “diamond”, “emerald”, “love it”, “halo”, “vintage” etc. Talk to your friends and family.

If finding the perfect ring is too difficult for you, don’t be afraid to ask her advice. This could be the best way to go and everyone will be satisfied. Getting an engagement ring shouldn’t be a stressful experience, but an exciting one.

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