Propose a lifetime of this Valentine's love with a heart shaped gold ring

Suggest a lifetime of this Valentine’s love with a coronary heart formed gold ring

Heart-shaped gold rings are timeless and will never go out of style. Women love the symbolism behind a heart-shaped ring and, above all, the thoughtfulness with which it is bought.

Heart-shaped jewelry is among the top 5 most popular jewelry among consumers, according to our Valentine’s Day survey. Whether it is about people being nostalgic or more excited than ever to express their love, there has never been a better time to shop for a heart-shaped ring for your future fiancé.

Hearts are a universal symbol of love, so it is only fitting to suggest having a heart-shaped gold ring. If you’re shopping for an engagement ring to ask the big question on Valentine’s Day, look no further. These are the Top 10 heart-shaped engagement rings::

Gold ring with two hearts

This beautiful heart-shaped gold ring has two intertwined hearts, one made of gold and one set with diamonds. The band is simple but elegant and available in yellow, white and rose gold depending on your favorite color. She’s sure to say yes this Valentine’s Day!


If you’re looking for something a little more eye-catching, this ring will definitely grab your attention. It has five hearts of white gold with a beautiful diamond in each heart. The five hearts are connected in the middle by another diamond. This heart shaped gold ring looks like a beautiful flower of hearts and diamonds and a narrow band that looks stunning on your finger when you ask the question.

Diamond heart ring

This heart-shaped gold ring is one of the prettiest on our list. It is absolutely stunning with a pattern of diamonds set along the band and connected in the center with a heart shaped diamond of 0.35 carat. The combination of white gold and sparkling diamond stones makes this ring shine like no other. You can’t go wrong with this gorgeous ring.

Jane heart ring

This heart-shaped gold ring is on the larger end of the engagement rings and looks beautiful on your finger. It has a thick white gold band and a large, beautiful heart set with diamonds. The small heart in the larger heart is even more incredible. It stands for eternal love, romance and commitment.

dazzling two heart two ring

Propose with this dazzling ring and she will feel like the happiest girl in the world. This design is youthful, stunning, and makes for a perfect engagement ring. The gold ribbon is thin and elegant, and the two hearts are uniquely intertwined, symbolizing your love for one another. The larger heart is set with diamonds, while the inner heart is made of white gold. It combines the best elements of heart-shaped gold rings into a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Citrine Heart Ring - Valentine's Day Jewelry

This heart-shaped gold ring is one of the most unique on our list with an antique design. The gold band is flanked by diamonds with a beautiful citrine heart in the middle. The beautiful design exudes luxury, class and high quality jewelry, everything it deserves in an engagement ring.

Alya Quartz Heart Pednant

This rose quartz heart-shaped gold ring will look absolutely gorgeous on your future fiancé’s hand. The band is made of gold and has a thin, sleek design. The heart-shaped stone is made of rose quartz and gives it a pink tint that sparkles beautifully. Above the rose quartz there is a small diamond that adds a touch of tradition to an untraditional engagement ring.

Amy heart ring

If you are looking for a ring that combines traditional elements of an engagement ring with a touch of modernity, the Amy Heart Ring is for you. It has a simple gold band and a beautiful solid gold heart outline. In this heart you will find another heart made of riveted diamonds, surrounded by three diamonds. Your finger will look stunning on Valentine’s Day with this stylish ring.

framed golden heart ring

The framed heart ring is perfect for an eye-catching, modern version of engagement rings. It has the most unique band on our list as it is made up of a pattern of gold hearts. The ring has a large heart contour set with diamonds and a cleverly crafted golden heart in the middle. If you want your fiance’s ring to stand out from the crowd, this ring is perfect for you.

Zara heart ring

This stunning engagement ring connects two hearts in the middle with a diamond ribbon flowing through them. This ring represents the love that flows between you and her and symbolizes your mutual commitment. The ribbon and hearts are made of rose gold, which is a lovely reminder of the day you got engaged: Valentine’s Day.

FAQ section

Q: What should an engagement ring look like?

A: The truth is, engagement rings are all a matter of personal preference. There are many styles, including heart-shaped rings, for every personality type. Choose the ring that best suits your partner and your relationship.

Q: What makes a heart-shaped gold ring better for an engagement ring?

A: If you want to get engaged on Valentine’s Day, you can celebrate it with a lovely heart-shaped gold ring. You will love it and all the thoughts you put into it.

Q: what is the purity of white gold?

A: You should choose the most wearable purity of white gold, which is 18k. All of the rings listed above are made of 18k white gold.

Final thoughts

So much planning goes into engagements, and if you do it on Valentine’s Day, you have to go out of your way to make it extra memorable. The day you get engaged is a story that you will tell for the rest of your life. Choosing these 10 heart shaped rings will make your life easier and make you a lot happier.

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