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Sorts of jewellery: bespoke jewellery to not be missed

Jewelry can come in many different forms. In order for you to be in control of the jewelry you are selling, it is important to understand the different shapes of jewelry available in the market. We’ll walk you through the different types of jewelry available in the market.


Rings are probably the most widely used and most expressive of all jewelry. They are essentially a circular band that wraps around the finger and can be adjusted to fit the wearer. In the western world, rings are used as a symbolic representation of marriage.

Solitaire ring & gold band

all kinds of gold ring designs


Necklaces are worn around the neck. You can have gemstones spread all over the face of the necklace or pearls strung together. Necklaces can also be just a simple chain, with a pendant drawing all the attention. Necklaces can take any shape around the neck.

Necklaces Collection


Pendants on chains are another piece of jewelry that can come in many shapes. Pendants are used to highlight a woman’s beautiful neckline. Certain designs such as pear shapes or marquise shapes make the neckline look more attractive and long.

all kinds of jewelry collections


A Mangal Sutra is an integral part of most Indian Hindu weddings and is generally tied around the woman’s neck by the man she is to be married to. Tanmaniyas are a central part of the Mangal Sutra (the followers only) and say a lot about the woman who wears it. It speaks of grace and charm and is generally set with diamonds or as we commonly know them as “Hiras”

North, Andhra, Tamik, Kerala, Mahaashtrian, Kannada Indian Mangal Sutra Designs


Earrings are worn to adorn the ears; They can be worn as a pair or in halves. Earrings come in numerous shapes as studs, hoop earrings or even hooks and add visual balance to a woman’s face on both sides. As ear studs, they have a post that slides into the ear and is secured by pressing from behind. Earrings worn throughout history are a common piece of jewelry worn by both men and women.

all kinds of earrings collection


Bracelets are pieces of jewelry that are worn around the wrist. It is a popular and evolving form of jewelry. They come in numerous patterns for both men and women.

Bracelets jewelry designs


Bangles, or “Chuudi” as they are called in northern India, are worn to embellish the wearer’s wrists. Bangles are also a very common jewelry accessory and are often set with diamonds. The bangles for everyday use are mostly made of gold with beautiful diamond patterns that are placed around the bangle in 3-5 places. Bangles are much stronger and are worn as they also mean luck and prosperity. According to the trends we’re seeing, working women seem to have replaced the bangles with fancy bracelets for regular wear, while the heavier bangles are only limited to parties and occasions.

gold bangles

Nose pins

Nose pins, which have been part of Indian jewelry for over centuries, have now become a fashion statement. Although these “naths”, as they are called in Hindi, were adopted from the Middle East, they can tell a lot about a woman. Nose rings can be in the form of rings or pins and accentuate the nose in a very attractive way.

Jewelry collection for nose pins


Gold coins are known for their authenticity as a risk-free investment option. At Kuberbox we are now offering this to our valued customers. All of our 24K / 22K gold coins are the perfect investment yet a trendy option. These internationally recognized coins offer easy and safe resale value. Cheap in India, gold coins are usually issued on the arrival of a new family member such as the birth of a baby or a “Shaadi”.

• By purity – 999, 995, 916, 750

• In grams – 0.250 g, 0.500 g, 1 g, 2 g, 5 g, 8 g, 10 g, 20 g, 50 g

• By shape – round, rectangular


Here, too, gold chains, a popular jewelry category, have the same name in our country. It is one of the pieces that most own in numbers. Gold chains can be bought either by design or by weight.

• Box

• Curb

• Shortcut

• Snake

• Dual tone

• Double box

• Just

• One-line Mangal Sutra

• Double Line Mangal Sutra


Men’s jewelry is a huge field and can encompass almost anything. Even a gold spectacle can fall under this category. The most common forms of jewelry that most men own include rings, bracelets, and gold chains. Many nowadays also like to equip themselves with diamond cufflinks, kurta buttons, ear studs and pendants.

Men's jewelry

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