Small diamonds get a great new life

Small diamonds get an awesome new life

White gold monogram bracelet from watch

Small diamond reused from a watch

I keep running into customers with tiny caches made of tiny diamonds. Sometimes they’re loose. Sometimes not.

Often the diamonds are set in an old – and outdated – piece of jewelry.

How about some inspiration?

What are you doing with them Well, this Santa Barbara jeweler has a lot of ideas. Dive in and find your inspiration.

Reusing very small diamonds

Tiny diamonds scattered in bangles

My client had a plastic bag with tiny diamonds and wanted a stacking set with three bangles. She likes black, so one of the bracelets was made from oxidized silver. She also went with black diamonds for her white gold bangle. Not only did they bang wonderfully, but they were cheaper too.

Redesign of unworn tennis bracelet diamonds

One day Mary Jane called me. “Calla,” she said, “I don’t wear my tennis bracelet anymore and I remember your mantra:” Wear it, don’t store it! “

Let’s do something with my diamonds. “

Hammer finish cuff bracelet with diamonds

We made her a cuff bracelet out of white gold. She wanted a bold, everyday, informal design. First we decided on an ideal width. When I talked about texture, I found out she liked the hammer finish. The width we chose added another piece that she loved. Mary Jane’s diamonds are set in yellow gold and add a nice splash of color.

Yes, Mary Jane, for using your unworn diamonds!

Use the frame settings to place your gems

Opal bracelet in silver with purple sapphires.  All bezel set with oxidation.

Using family jewels in a bracelet

We made this bracelet to use family opal. Since the opal came from more than one ring, they weren’t a perfect match. Using the popped bezel settings to separate gemstones in one piece can be a bold piece of jewelry but keep it casual and use the number of diamonds and gemstones you have without adding more.

Earrings with square emerald bezel in Etruscan design

Bezel Set a few gemstones

Sometimes all you have to do is to have a few beloved diamonds, but you want them to get some good love. The bezel that sets the aforementioned emeralds really makes them stand out. This Etruscan style is a wonderful way to frame gemstones. This pair of earrings would look wonderful with diamonds too.

The bezel that sets these older cut diamonds makes the most of their beauty

We used diamonds from different rings, both older cuts, to create this wonderful ring. I’m a fan of hand engraving and the milgrain edge on the bezel with older diamonds.

Use small diamonds of different sizes

Tiny diamonds look wonderful in this heart necklace

Small diamonds that are mismatched in size can be most successfully used with the pavement style. It’s French for paving a street. We have incorporated the diamonds into the design we are making. I put the larger diamonds in the center and graduate smaller diamonds from the center outwards. This works in pendants and rings.

Emerald and diamond and sapphire and diamond eternity bands

Round diamonds in ‘Shapes’ rings

Diamonds of different sizes work well for stacking rings with shapes. The rings above have larger gemstones with a bezel and smaller flush-set gemstones in a marquis design.

Swirls wedding ring with heirloom diamonds

Inherited diamond wedding ring

When using freeform designs in rings, pendants, etc., various shapes of smaller diamonds are used. A bonus with this type of design is the fact that you can also use subtly different colors of diamonds. But if you are grayer, it can nestle in the lowest position.

Using textures and oxidation with gemstones of different sizes

I can not help myself. I love this ring so much. When using different sizes and colors of diamonds, the differences are emphasized by varying the texture and introducing oxidation (blackening) into the piece. It is very helpful to add an uneven edge to the piece so that it can be read more freely and artistically.

Use tennis bracelet diamonds to make a cross

Diamonds in the cross and on the chain

We used tennis bracelet diamonds to create this lovely cross. We had some leftover diamonds and made reversible diamond stations on the chain. In their collection there was another pretty diamond that was not used and went to the center of the cross.

Don’t wear it, store it!

The moral of the story is not to leave your old diamonds unused in the dark, dusty corners of your jewelry box.

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