Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with Silver Rakhis Online

Rejoice Raksha Bandhan with Silver Rakhis On-line

As one of the most important festivals in India, Raksha Bandhan observes the bond between a sister and a brother. And while this is the traditional meaning of the festival, rakhis are also tied to people you know: close family friends, sisters-in-law, and neighbors.

Verily, it is about building or showing love between them and wishing them well.

This festival is celebrated on Purnima Tithi (full moon day) in the month of Shravan, which will be August 3rd in 2020. To be precise, it starts on August 2nd at 9:28 p.m. and ends on August 3 at 9:28 p.m.

Celebrate Raksha Bandhan in style

If you are looking for a way to celebrate this festival in style and show your brother how much they mean to you, Kuberbox has a range of silver rakhis.

Types of silver rakhi

We offer a wide variety of silver rakhi, from religious and traditional to whimsical and modern patterns.

Even in this current time of isolation, it is still possible to send beautiful silver rakhis anywhere in the world. With Kuberbox’s online shop, you can get rakhi made of 92.5% silver. And we can ship to USA, Canada, Dubai, UK, Australia just to name a few countries.

Religious rakhi

Here are some of our exquisite religious-themed rakhi for your consideration:

om rakhi followers

Aum Rum / Om silver rakhi pendant

The Aum Rum Silver Rakhi has an Om symbol inscribed in a round frame with a treated ruby ​​gemstone. Our other Om Rakhi include: the Om symbol, which is inscribed in a round frame with a diameter of 13 mm, and a silver frame with a silver Om symbol.

These rakhi are supplied with the threads so that they can also be worn as pendants.

Ganesha Om Silver Rakhi

Ganesha Om Silver Rakhi Pendant

Kuberbox offers a range of Ganesh-inspired rakhi pendants. From the cutwork Ganesha in a round frame with a diameter of 13 mm to the Ganesha Om and the combination of Lord Ganesha and Krishna pendant. These rakhis all come with threads and can be used as pendants.

Swastika silver rakhi

Swastika silver rakhi pendant

We offer two types of swastika rakhi pendants. One is a silver swastika inscribed in a frame with a diameter of 13 mm. The other is a swastika in a hexagonal frame; It’s in yellow polish on a silver base, and the rakhi is made appealing with a double polish.

Shiva silver rakhi pendant

Shiva Silver Rakhi Pendant

The Shiva Rakhi has four small Thrishuls in yellow polish on a round silver base frame. The pattern on this particular rakhi is Shiva and Om with a double polish.

modern rakhiCelebrate Raksha Bandhan with Silver Rakhis Online 9

Modern rakhi

Modern rakhi are a little more fun and sometimes quirky too. From rakhis mustaches to those who just say “bro”.

Mustache silver rakhi brooch

Mustache silver rakhi brooch

This modern, quirky rakhi is also a brooch shaped like a mustache. All you have to do is put a safety pun and according to rakhi it can be worn like a brooch.

slim silver rakhi pendant

Slim silver rakhi pendants

Our range of modern, elegant pendants includes:

  • An elegant, minimalist rakhi made of blue lolit stones in the middle.
  • A noble pendant with the engraving Veer (brother in Punjabi).
  • A bizarre silver pattern for your NRI Bhai.

Each of these comes with threads so that they can be turned into a pendant according to rakhi.

Mera Bro Rakhi

Bro silver rakhi pendant

For something a little quirkier but to the point, we have a couple of Bro Rakhi pendants. One has Bro in English with a yellow finish and polished silver. The other is a glittering silver rakhi with the words “Best Bro” adorned with motifs and stars.

Both rakhi are supplied with threads so that they can be worn as pendants after rakhi.

Silver Rakhis to celebrate Raksha Bandhan

With this celebration just around the corner, now is a great time to choose an elegant silver rakhi for your brother or loved one.

Quality work at the best prices

You don’t have to break the bank to celebrate this festival. Kuberbox guarantees that our rakhi jewelry is the cheapest compared to comparable offline and online jewelers.

All Kuberbox items are internationally certified, so you are guaranteed the best quality when you buy from us. And in the rare event that you or the recipient are not satisfied with the piece, we offer a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy.

No matter where you and your brother or loved one are, sending the ideal rakhi has never been easier. Even in the current global situation, you can send a gift that is already nicely wrapped and wrapped.

If you want to learn more about the Kuberbox Silver Rakhis range or have any questions about international shipping, contact our friendly sales team today.

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