Lons $15000 Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

Prime 30 Engagement Rings for $15000

One of the first points to decide on when choosing an engagement ring is your budget. A perfect ring shouldn’t necessarily cost a fortune so, for this reason, we’ve gathered the 30 best engagement rings for $15000.

Regardless of your preferred style, our selection includes designs for anyone, from modest classical solitaires to extravagant, colored options of unusual shapes. Read on to find the perfect ring for you without going over your budget. 

And if you’re still unsure about how much you’re ready to spend, check out our budget calculator that may help you figure it out.

1. Castleford Ring

Price $15,000. Click here to learn more about the Castleford Ring.

A nearly 2-carat center antique cushion cut diamond is in the spotlight of the Castleford ring. A double halo of genuine calibre-cut sapphires and old mine cut diamonds enhance its beauty while a delicate fleur-de-lis ornament on the platinum band adds a whimsical touch to the otherwise conventional geometrical design. The under-gallery is decorated with fine openwork. This ring will undoubtedly be a great fit for brides who prefer mixing styles, colors, and shapes. 

2. Antique Sheffield Ring

Price $11,000. Sold

The craftsmanship of this antique ring from the 1880s is amazing – you won’t find such a one-of-a-kind piece anywhere else. A clear, 1.23-carat old mine cut diamond is in the center. The stone is of high color grade, therefore, it pairs well with the yellow gold band. A floral ornament on the band completes the dainty look of this ring. Feminine brides who adore unique things will unquestionably love this style. 

3. Preston Ring

Price $15,000. Learn more about the Preston Ring.

If your significant other likes the Art Deco style, she will definitely appreciate the Preston ring. A 1.08-carat old European cut diamond of exceptional clarity is in the center while six emerald-cut diamonds on the sides make the center stone look even larger. The platinum shoulders of the Preston ring are decorated with delicate openwork. Last but not least, due to the angular shapes contrasting with fine ornaments, this ring is an outstanding example of the Art Deco era design. 

4. Canton Ring

Price $13,000. Learn more about the Canton Ring.

Of course, we couldn’t leave out traditional three-stone designs. You can’t go wrong with the Canton ring. Three old European cut diamonds set in platinum weigh nearly 3 carats in total. Furthermore, the stones are nearly colorless and very slightly included, which is important for such a minimalistic design. 

5. Narbonne Ring

Price $13,000. Learn more about the Narbonne Ring.

The 1.7-carat diamond isn’t the main accent in this ring. What truly captures your attention is the openwork filigree with floral ornament running along the shoulders. The Narbonne ring is beautiful from every angle, due to its high setting and fine openwork on the sides. More diamonds adorn the gallery and shoulders of this ring. 

6. Neville Ring

Price $13,000. Learn more about the Neville Ring.

Unusual shapes are one of the main engagement ring trends of this year. Thus, the Neville ring is a great fit for stylish brides who like to stand out and follow fashion trends. The center 1.5-carat old mine cut diamond with a halo of smaller stones looks like a flower. The platinum band is rather minimalistic, only accented with two additional tiny stones. 

7. Venice Ring

Toulouse Ring on Finger $15000 Price for Engagement Ring

Price $14,400. Learn more about the Venice Ring.

The profile of the center stone in the Venice ring is remarkably high. This may not be the most practical design, but it definitely is captivating. The main diamond weighs nearly 2 carats and is of exceptional clarity. Lastly, openwork filigree with fine ornament and six miniature diamonds run along the shoulders. 

8. Luray Ring

$15000 Aquamarine and Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring from Estate Diamond Jewelry

The price is $14,000. Learn more about the Luray Ring.

The Luray ring is a common choice of creative brides. Today, diamonds aren’t the only option for an engagement ring. Thus, you may choose a bright blue gemstone mix instead. The center emerald-cut, heavenly blue stone weighs 16.35 carats – a truly impressive and rare piece. An unusual openwork motif resembling fish scales decorates the under-gallery. 

9. Wimberley Ring

Price $15,000. Learn more about the Wimberley Ring.

With the Wimberley ring, we’re back to modest styles. The cushion-cut diamond in the center weighs nearly 2 carats. Although the platinum band is plain, it is certainly far from boring. The shoulders of this ring hold six smaller round-cut diamonds in an angular filigree setting. A classical, but, in no way, boring style. 

10. Durham Ring

Price $14,600. Learn more about the Durham Ring.

The old European cut stone in the center weighs nearly 2 carats but appears larger due to the diamond halo. The platinum band is made in triple shank style, while the lower part of the stone mounting features openwork. The Durham ring is a perfect choice for brides who prefer classics with a twist. 

11. Emerald Cut Sapphire Halo Ring

Emerald cut diamond engagement rings for $15000 on finger

Price $14,000. Learn more about this ring.

If you fancy a dash of color, you likely will admire this ring. The 1.53-carat, emerald-cut diamond in the center is nearly colorless and a high clarity grade. This is especially important as the emerald cut is demanding clarity. A midnight blue sapphire halo surrounds the main stone. Six small diamonds run along the otherwise minimalistic shoulders of the ring. 

12. Everett Ring

Price $35,000. Learn more about the Everett Ring. Available to be remade in a $15,000 budget.

The Everett ring is, perhaps, the most modest style of our selection. A nearly colorless, very slightly included diamond in the center weighs nearly 2 carats. Three more baguette-cut diamonds surround it from each side. The platinum band is bare. This ring is a perfect fit for brides who believe that fashion trends are temporary, but style remains forever. 

13. Genova Ring

Price $14,500. Learn more about the Genova Ring.

The Genova ring is another example of how well antique rings can fit in modern trends. The center stone weighs almost 3 carats. A round-cut diamond halo resembles flower petals. Additionally, two small, emerald-cut diamonds are set on each side of the main stone. Although the platinum band is simple, the under-gallery features delicate openwork. 

14. Lons Ring

Lons $15000 Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

Price $13,000. Learn more about the Lons Ring.

Low-profile rings have several pros, the main being that they’re more convenient to wear. While the platinum band is simple, the shoulders are the central accent of this ring. Six baguette-cut diamonds on each side from the main round-cut stone cover a large part of the finger. Thus, fingers with this ring appear slimmer. The setting features fine milgrain. Therefore, the Lons ring is a perfect find for brides who value comfort and traditions but don’t want to sacrifice the looks. 

15. Nevill Ring

Price $14,000. Learn more about the Nevill Ring.

The Nevill ring is spectacular all around. Although it’s a classical solitaire style, every single detail of this ring is noteworthy. The center diamond weighs almost 2 carats. A six-prong setting makes the design look lightweight. Fine floral motif engraving runs along the platinum band, and three small diamonds from each side decorate the shoulders. The high profile under-gallery accentuates the delicate openwork. 

16. Stonehaven Ring

Price $12,800. Learn more about the Stonehaven Ring.

The center diamond of the Stonehaven ring weighs over 1.5 carats. A halo of old European cut diamonds in a fine milgrain setting surrounds it. While the under-gallery features openwork, the platinum band is almost plain. However, additional detailing is unnecessary for such a lavish piece. 

17. Fairview Ring

Fairview on Hand View 1 Price diamond ring $14000

Price $14,000. Learn more about the Fairview Ring.

Here’s a ring for those who prefer narrow bands and extra-high profiles. The Fairview ring is gorgeous when looked at from above, but its true beauty is revealed from the side view. The crown is decorated with fine filigree, openwork, and small diamonds. More diamonds run along the shoulders, and the largest, 1.6-carat stone is set in the center. 

18. Vichy Ring

Vichy Ring Hand Picture. Engagement Ring for $14,500

Price $14,500. Learn more about the Vichy Ring.

The Vichy ring pays tribute to the Art Deco era. The 1.26-carat, emerald-cut stone in the center isn’t large but is of high clarity grade. Emerald cut is demanding to stone quality, therefore, this feature is crucial. A halo of smaller diamonds in a fine filigree setting surrounds the main stone. Additionally, the platinum shoulders hold a small stone on each side. 

19. London Ring

Price $13,000. Learn more about the London Ring.

Mixed metal designs have been gaining popularity recently. For this reason, the platinum and gold London ring can be considered one of the trendiest engagement rings of 2021. The center stone is moderately sized – it weighs slightly over 1.52 carats. However, the unusually shaped diamond halo and the bedazzled floral ornament on the shoulders create an illusion of a larger center stone. 

20. Tiffany Ruby Ring

Price $11,800. Learn more about this Tiffany Ring.

Three-stone styles are a timeless classic, but colorful gemstone rings are one of the latest trends. This Tiffany ring combines both. The 1.58-carat oval-cut genuine ruby is in the spotlight, catching the eye with its radiant deep red color. The platinum band is unadorned – frankly, it makes the ring look even more elegant. Last but not least, two diamonds of high quality surround the main stone. 

21. Carnaby Ring

Price $12,800. Learn more about the Carnaby Ring.

Rings of the Retro Era are a rare find. The Carnaby ring has a truly unique design due to its angular shape that is quite uncommon for engagement rings. The center French-cut diamond weighs slightly over 1.8 carats. Compared to the majority of other rings of this selection, this ring is quite bare. The only decorum is a fine milgrain on the stone setting and openwork on the under-gallery. But that’s exactly what makes this ring so special. 

22. Chester Ring

Price $15,000. Learn more about the Chester Ring.

The Chester ring is very ladylike. The six-prong setting of the 1.54-carat, old European cut center diamond makes it look ethereal. The effect is multiplied by the fleur-de-lis diamond ornament on the shoulders. While the stone setting is platinum, the band is made of 18k gold. The Chester ring is, without a doubt, one of the most feminine, delicate rings you could possibly come across.

23. Lisbon Ring

Price $11,500. Learn more about the Lisbon Ring.

The Lisbon ring is anything but boring. A deep blue sapphire halo surrounds the 1.57-carat, old European cut center diamond. More diamonds and sapphires run along the shoulders of the Lisbon ring. The stone setting features fine filigree. If you’re looking for a ring that won’t go unnoticed, this is it. 

24. Old Mine Cushion Ring

Even though more and more bold ring styles are becoming trendy, you don’t have to go with the flow. This old mine cushion cut is simple but is, in no way, less alluring. The center diamond weighs 1.36 carats, and more small diamonds decorate the shoulders and under-gallery of the ring. The platinum band is free from any detailing. 

25. Revel Ring

Price $12,500. Learn more about the Revel Ring.

Pear or marquise-cut diamonds aren’t as rare anymore – but what about octagonal-shaped rings? The 1.76-carat diamond in the center features a classic old European cut, but the diamond halo surrounding it has a refreshing angular structure. While small stones run along the shoulders, the under-gallery features fine openwork. Of course, fine milgrain is present – a common feature of Art Deco Era rings. 

26. European Halo Ring

The price is $12,500. Learn more about this ring.

Brides who admire everything shiny will adore this splendid halo ring. The center 1.4-carat stone looks larger because of the diamond halo surrounding it. The under-gallery features openwork while the platinum band is made in a triple-shank style. 

27. Royal Blue Halo Ring

F1 1.55ct Royal Blue Halo Diamond Ring

The price is $12,000. Learn more about this ring.

Sapphire is the second most popular stone for an engagement ring – after diamonds, of course. If you can’t decide on which stone to pick, take a look at this Royal Blue Halo ring – it combines them both. A 1.55-carat, old European cut center diamond is set in a deep blue sapphire halo. The under-gallery is decorated with a floral motif openwork. 

28. Tremont Ring

Price $11,500. Learn more about the Tremont Ring.

The Tremont ring is a truly royal choice. A highly saturated, bright blue oval-cut sapphire in the center weighs over 3 carats. A delicate fleur-de-lis ornament bedazzled with tiny diamonds and sapphires adorns the shoulders. An encrusted, high-profile under-gallery resembles a crown. 

29. Tenby Ring

Price $12,800. Learn more about the Trenby Ring.

If you wish to elongate your fingers and make the stone appear larger, choose the marquise cut. The center stone weighs under 1.5 carats, yet looks impressive due to its shape and a sparkling halo. The platinum band features an elegant two-line engraving and an additional diamond on each shoulder. 

30. Manchester Ring

Price $12,800. Learn more about the Manchester Ring.

The Manchester ring is another variation of a floral-inspired engagement ring. What makes it stand out from others is the shape – the center diamond features an old mine cut instead of a round one that is typical for such designs. The center diamond is of exceptional color and clarity grades. 

Special Ring for a Special Person 

We strived to include as many different ring designs as possible in our selection. Hopefully, our guide has helped you to find the ideal ring that fits both the style of your significant other and your budget. 

Now, the main objective is to pop the question. And in case you haven’t come up with the perfect plan yet, we’ve compelled the best marriage proposal ideas in this guide.

We wish you the very best of luck during this extremely precious moment for the both of you.

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