12516 Vintage Oval Engagement Rings on Finger

Prime 20 Classic Oval Engagement Rings

With their ageless beauty, elegant shape, and their overall ability to appear larger than their carat size, it’s no wonder so many people are attracted to vintage oval engagement rings these days. Recent years have seen the oval cut revived after celebrities like Blake Lively and Hailey Bieber were spotted wearing them ahead of their weddings. 

If you’re looking for inspiration, this article will be showcasing 20 vintage oval engagement rings guaranteed to leave brides speechless. 

The Warren Ring. Circa 1924

Price: $11,000. Learn more about the Warren Ring. 

Marilyn Monroe once said that diamonds were a girl’s best friend. Any bride-to-be sporting the stunning Warren ring on her finger is sure to feel like the epitome of old Hollywood glamor. Not to mention, this exquisite piece is guaranteed to turn heads due to its classic design and eye-catching sparkle. Straight from the Art Deco era, this jaw-dropping antique features an oval cut diamond weighing approximately 1.48 carats. Arguably the best feature of this beautiful piece is that it can be paired with any outfit because of its clear color and timeless design. 

Rare French Engagement Ring 

French Gold Oval Vintage Engagement Rings

Price: $48,000. Learn more about the Rare French Engagement Ring 

This rare French engagement ring is a true showstopper. Originally crafted in France circa 1960, this eye-catching ring features a combination that has not yet failed to impress: diamonds and 18k gold. The center of the ring is adorned by a stunningly beautiful two-carat oval diamond, big enough to sink a ship. Meanwhile, the under-shoulders display an impressive diamond baguette cut, all set within a Boivin style filigree. Despite being made in the second half of the 20th century, this piece is reminiscent of jewels found in the imperial court of Versailles in the 18th century. This ring is ideal for those who enjoy a sophisticated and imperial look. The handcrafted piece is also dripping in fine detail, demanding attention from all who view it. 

The Salamanca Ring

Price: $150,000. Learn more about the Salamanca Ring. 

Those looking for something classically beautiful with a royal-like quality look no further. This stunningly rare, vintage-style ring centers on a monumental 5.03-carat oval cut diamond set on prongs. The diamonds along the shoulders work to further enhance the central gem’s brilliance, making anyone looking upon its radiance feel weak at the knees. This breath-taking piece is guaranteed to make your future Mrs. feel like royalty. 

The Yarrow Ring

Price: $10,500. Learn more about the Yarrow Ring. 

If your lady loves nature and is often drawn towards floral themes, then she’ll fall head over heels for this astonishing piece. The spotlight is, of course, directed to the deep red, natural Burmese ruby weighing 1.06 carats. Burmese rubies are famed for their distinct color and rarity, making this a deeply thoughtful choice for an engagement ring. A halo of antique old mine diamonds surrounds the ruby, further adding to the spectacularism of the Yarrow ring. This is the perfect choice for those who like to stand out in a crowd. 

Wharton Ring

Price: $31,500. Learn more about the Wharton Ring. 

For those looking for something that oozes pure elegance and classic beauty, then look no further than the Wharton ring. This ring is reminiscent of perhaps one of the most famous engagement rings of all time, the timeless piece worn by Princess Diana and Kate Middleton later. This exquisite design features a natural Madagascan oval sapphire weighing 5.99 carats and handcrafted on a platinum ring. A cluster of brilliant-cut diamonds surrounds the gem, further enhancing its magnificence. Proposing to your special lady with this ring is a sure-fire way to make her feel regal. 

The Kirkwall Ring

Price: $4,500. Learn more about the Kirkwall Ring. 

The Kirkwall ring is guaranteed to leave your lady feeling overwhelmed and (if possible) even more in love with you than ever before. With its cluster of old European diamonds coupled with the magnificent, jaw-dropping central sapphire, this engagement ring accounts for a bride’s-to-be’s “something old,” “something new,” and “something blue.” The opal cut sapphire weighs approximately 1.20 carats and is bezel-set in 18k yellow gold, emphasizing the ring’s extravagance. This exquisite ring is perfect for anyone who likes to make a statement and draw attention when entering a room. 

The Chaser Ring

Price: $7,200. Learn more about the Chaser Ring. 

Does your future bride enjoy a pop of color? If so, then the Chaser ring may be the perfect engagement ring option for you. The focal point of this unique, vintage piece is the stunning 1.36 -carat Burmese ruby, bound to attract attention. Burmese rubies are known for their rarity and their highly saturated color. Some legends even speak of how the ruby originated from a hardened fire that has the ability to set hearts aflame. This romantic tale, coupled with the gem’s sheer radiance, makes this piece ideal for anyone searching for the perfect engagement ring. 

Quintan Ring

Price: $8,700. Learn more about the Quintan Ring. 

Here we have yet another example of the exquisiteness of a cluster ring. The Quinton ring is an enchanting, vintage piece guaranteed to catch eyes all over. The first thing you will notice on this ring is the impressively large 2.00-carat natural emerald set-in prongs. The emerald is surrounded by a halo of prong-set round brilliant diamonds, further accentuating its beauty. The precious stones sit upon a ring made of 18k white gold. 

Ellington Ring. Circa 1950

Price: $3,500. Learn more about the Ellington Ring. 

Here, we have another incredible piece that echoes Princess Diana’s well-known ring made famous in the 1980s. Giving this ring to your lady is guaranteed to have her feeling like a true princess. In addition, the sheer size of this oval-cut vintage platinum ring will undoubtedly draw a lot of attention from friends, family, and anyone who happens to look upon her hand while she wears this piece. Created in the 1950s, this piece is ideal if your lady has an eye for antiques and perhaps even a certain love of royal history. The central stone is a beautiful oval cut, natural blue sapphire weighing 1.93 carats. A breath-taking halo of round, brilliant-cut diamonds further enhance this piece’s beauty and extravagance. 

Somerset Ring

Price: $3,500. Learn more about the Somerset Ring. 

This quirky engagement ring is perfect if your lady likes to move to the beat of her own drum. The Somerset offers a unique variation of a vintage, oval cut ring and is ideal for anyone searching for something incredibly unique. This antique 18k gold ring showcases natural oval and cushion-cut sapphires surrounded by a halo of European and rose-cut diamonds. Created in the second half of the 19th century, the beauty of this piece has well and truly stood the test of time. If your lady has a sentimental streak for history, then this may be the ideal engagement ring to get for her. 

Easton Ring

Price: $3,000. Learn more about the Easton Ring. 

If your goal is to have your significant other’s jaw drop, the Easton ring may be what you are after. Originating from France, this is yet another extravagant oval cut piece that will not only stun your lover but will most certainly attract the gaze of any onlookers. The central gem features a spellbinding, natural, oval cut aquamarine weighing 0.91 carats. The deep blue sapphires and brilliant-cut diamonds surrounding the central gem enhance the overall look, making it extremely pleasing to the eye. Indeed, as all colors have symbolic meaning, blue stones tend to personify courage, devotion, and everlasting love. These are all qualities that are undeniably vital as you embark upon marriage. 

Terre Ring

Price: $3,800. Learn more about the Terre Ring. 

If your lady enjoys an elegant look with a pop of color, then she’ll quickly fall in love with this exquisite 18k gold ring. Of course, the focal point of this piece is the 2.73 carat, natural pink oval cut sapphire set in prongs. For centuries, the color pink has been associated with happiness, tenderness, and sweetness, making it the perfect choice for expressing your romance in the form of an engagement ring. What’s more, the under-gallery is decorated with brilliant-cut diamonds, enhancing the ring’s overall beauty and glamor. 

Chesterfield Ring

Price: $9,000. Learn more about the Chesterfield Ring. 

Thanks to the terrific central gem, the Chesterfield is another example of a striking ring intended for those who prefer a more daring look. Not only that, but the Chesterfield ring showcases another stunning depiction of the extravagance and majesty of a cluster ring. This 18k white gold ring features a 7.17-carat oval cut natural yellow sapphire. The halo of diamonds surrounding the sapphire highlights the extravagance of the piece even further. Historically speaking, sapphires have always been symbols of good health, longevity, and beauty – all qualities that are well suited for any potential bride-to-be. 

Formosa Ring

Price: $7,900. Learn more about the Formosa Ring. 

This ring is a prime example of how unique shapes and colors can result in a divine piece of jewelry. The Formosa ring is yet another piece drawing inspiration from the glamorous time that was the Art Deco era. This point in history was traditionally characterized by elegance and sophistication, qualities that this unique ring most certainly possesses. The piece’s center stone is an exquisite 1.52 carat, oval-cut ruby. The ring is surrounded by pave-set diamonds, which guide the viewer’s focus to the geometric design of the piece. Two additional accent diamonds are located on either side of the ruby, elevating the overall extravagance of this engagement ring. Anyone who adorns this on their hand is bound to turn heads, making it ideal for those looking for a more striking look. 

Scarab Ring

Price: $4,200. Learn more about the Scarab Ring. 

This stunning revival ring is handcrafted in the style of antique Egyptian jewelry. The Scarab ring echoes ancient tales surrounding the scarab beetle, whose symbol was believed by Ancient Egyptians to hold magical and rejuvenating properties. Not only that but the scarab beetle was revered for representing the cycle of life and death. Incorporating such a symbol into an engagement ring echoes the marriage vows of “till death do us part.” 

This gorgeous ring showcases a stunning combination of emerald, sapphire, and diamond guaranteed to make any bride-to-be feel weak at the knees. The central natural, oval cut emerald weighs approximately 1.06 carats. The natural sapphire and diamond halo surrounding the emerald further accentuate the scarab shape and extravagance of the ring. If your significant other is a lover of ancient history or Egyptian culture, then this could be the choice for you. 

Adelaide Ring

Price: $2,200. Learn more about the Adelaide Ring. 

For those who want to steer away from a classic cut, the Adelaide ring offers an unusual and unique choice that may be ideal. This stunning ring displays another perfect example of the brilliant combination of rubies and diamonds. It sits on a platinum mounting, and the focal point consists of three oval cut, bright red rubies that demand attention, coming to 0.75 carats together. The enchanting elegance of this ring is further brought to light by the halo of round, brilliant-cut diamonds surrounding the rubies. 

Edmonton Ring

Price: $900. Learn more about the Edmonton Ring. 

As the name suggests, the Edmonton ring hails from the Canadian city of Edmonton. This regal-looking ring features a bold, oval cut amethyst in the center, weighing 2.74 carats. Three white diamonds decorate the shoulders at 0.02 carats each, giving the piece a sophisticated and glamorous quality. The use of amethyst makes this ring stand out from a typical engagement ring. Amethyst is traditionally associated with spirituality and protection, with the color purple, also known to be the representative color for royalty. Therefore, anyone who wears this ring should feel like a queen. 

January Birth Stone Ring 

Vintage Oval Birthstone Ring

Price: $600. Learn more about the January Birth Stone Ring. 

Birthstones make an unusual yet thoughtful choice for an engagement ring. If your lady leans towards a more distinctive style and is well versed with birthstones, then this may be a perfect choice. Not only is this ring ideal for January-born brides, but the garnet itself is also a symbol of peace and friendship – crucial ingredients for any successful marriage. It sits on a 14k gold ring with the spotlight focused on the 1.60-carat deep red garnet. Decorating the shoulders of the central gem are more petite, round-cut diamonds which add an extra layer of sparkle to the overall look. Not only that, but this beautiful ring adds sentimental value without needing to break the bank. 

Utica Amethyst Ring 

Price: $1,080. Learn more about the Utica Amethyst Ring. 

If you’re planning to leave your future bride speechless when proposing, this vintage ring is the right choice. The center stone for this ring features a deep-purple, oval cut amethyst weighing 2.45 carats. The choice of gifting a colored engagement ring is unusual but not unheard of. If your bride-to-be has a quirky streak, then this may be a great option. A halo of diamonds surrounds the precious stone, adding a layer of extravagance to this beautiful piece. If your bride-to-be were born in February, then amethyst would be her birthstone. What better way to personalize an engagement ring than to consider this? 

The Bronx Ring

Price: $680. Learn more about the Bronx Ring. 

If you’re after something more unique and less traditional, then this stunning three-gemmed ring may be what you are looking for. This stunning piece is characterized by three oval-cut amethysts nestled into high-quality 14k rose gold mounting. This look veers away from the classic engagement ring options available out there. However, it is equal in magnificence. The shoulders are adorned with openwork filigree encompassed by fine milgrain, adding to its exquisite and unusual beauty. If you find yourself seeking a quirky, oval-cut ring on a budget, then this may be the superb option for you. Any woman who likes to steer away from traditional styles would be delighted to receive this ring. 

Vintage Oval Engagement Rings. Something Old, Something New…

12516 Vintage Oval Engagement Rings on Finger

Some looks truly stand the test of time – the vintage oval cut being one of them. Whether your significant other prefers an eye-catching showstopper or a more minimalist style, there is a variation of this engagement ring style for everyone out there. 

What’s more, if you decide to invest in an antique, a bride can tick off her “something old” and “something new” from her list (add a sapphire to the list for the “something blue” too). 

Finding the perfect engagement ring can be a lengthy process. Once complete, it often leads to a lifetime of happiness. We hope that this list of oval-cut vintage options has helped narrow your search. 

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