Top 10 heart-shaped diamond rings for Valentine's Day 2021

Prime 10 heart-shaped diamond rings for Valentine’s Day 2021

Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate love and romance and to give your special someone a personal, beautiful gift that represents your love. Valentine’s Day is also one of the most suggested days for people. Hence, it’s a big day for diamonds, especially rings.

A beautiful ring makes women feel cared for, valued and loved. It symbolizes love, affection, commitment and feels great to wear and show off. Not to mention that rings last a long time. and as the saying goes, diamonds last forever. What better way to give a symbol of your love than on Valentine’s Day in the form of a heart-shaped diamond ring?

With all that said, there’s a lot of pressure going on for Valentine’s Day. Don’t be surprised and wait until the last minute. It’s never too early to think about (and save) jewelry for your sweetheart. We’ll help you here with a list of the Top 10 heart-shaped diamond rings for Valentine’s Day.

sparkling heart open ring

10. Sparkling Heart Open Ring

For # 10 we start with a smaller, unique heart-shaped diamond ring. This simple ring in 18k white gold is the perfect gift for new relationships and for those who are just starting out. Not too over the top, this ring has a modern take on heart-shaped jewelry. The band itself outlines a heart at either end of the open ring. The two hearts are made up of small, sparkling diamonds. If this is your first Valentine’s Day together, start with something simple that shows you care.

novel open heart ring

9. Novel open heart ring

This ring is unique and absolutely beautiful. It is an open ring with a beautiful heart set with 29 individual diamonds. It’s perfect for women’s fingers because of its fine, intricate details. The band is also unique with ribbed lines and available in yellow, white and rose gold. This ring is not too extravagant and therefore a perfect gift for new relationships or to inspire old ones on Valentine’s Day.

dainty heart diamond ring

8. Petite Heart Ring

What we love most about this ring is that it has both a solid gold heart and a diamond in the center. The best from both worlds. This delicate ring fits perfectly on a woman’s finger and she will definitely want to show it off. You can also customize the gold color, carat, and diamond quality for the best possible gift for your wife.

curvy heart shaped diamond ring

7. Curvilicious Heart Diamond Ring

With a name like Curvilicious, this ring is going to grab people’s attention. It has a slim 18k gold band that transforms incredibly into the shape of the heart. In the center of the heart and the cherry on top is a beautiful, iridescent diamond. This design is unique, youthful and sure to be loved by every woman on Valentine’s Day.

pretty heart diamond ring - KuberBox

6. Pretty heart ring

This open ring has a gold ribbon with a heart on one end and two branches on the other. Each end of the ring is beautifully and generously set with diamonds. This ring is exquisitely and masterfully designed and makes a wonderful gift. The branches of the ring could symbolize your love for one another, which is constantly growing.

stylish heart-shaped ring

5. Stylish heart ring

If your special person has sensitive, thin fingers, they may not want a giant stone sticking out. This stylish heart ring is the perfect gift for her this Valentine’s Day. The gold ribbon combines embedded stones, small hearts and a diamond in the middle. It’s perfectly symmetrical with lovely hearts on either side of the diamond, but still thin and elegant.

Romanza heart ring

4. Romanza heart ring

For a spectacular show of romance, give your sweetheart this heart ring for Valentine’s Day. It has two gold hearts with a diamond in the center of each of them. The gold ribbon is elegant and finely shaped to carefully bring the two hearts together in the center, much like how your hearts were brought together. This ring has just the right amount of extravagance and simplicity.

terrible heart ring for her

3. Desirable heart ring

This ring combines several elements into a unique design and is perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift. The ring itself looks like a crown and your wife will feel like a queen wearing it. Half of the band is set with diamonds and in the middle of the ring there is a beautiful golden heart. Inside this golden heart is a beautifully placed, sparkling diamond.

perfect heart ring for the wedding

2. Perfect heart wedding ring

This is possibly the most sophisticated ring on our list, with a clean, elegant cut. This ring could serve as a gift for Valentine’s Day and as an engagement ring. It is white gold with a 0.35 carat diamond beautifully shaped into a heart. Nothing says I love you more than a heart shaped diamond.

Heart couple ribbon - couple jewelry

1. He & Her Heart Couple Ribbon

Our first choice for the best heart-shaped diamond ring for Valentine’s Day is two rings. This is a suitable set, one for you, one for her. Both rings are a simple gold band, but the women’s band has the top of a heart outlined in diamonds and the men’s band has the bottom of a heart that’s also outlined in diamonds. What better way to show that you are fully engaged and in love than a set of rings that go perfectly together?

FAQ section

Q: What is the difference between white, yellow and rose gold?

A: Color is the only difference. White gold is mixed with white metals like silver while yellow gold is mixed with copper. Rose gold is made from a mixture of copper and silver alloys.

Q: How do I know your ring size?

A: If there is some way to quietly ask about your ring size, she would know best. If not, you can take a ring from her and measure it with string. The length of this string in millimeters can be compared to a size chart.

Final thoughts

If you’re wondering what your wife would like for Valentine’s Day, it’s safe to say that she is more than happy with a heart-shaped diamond ring. You know her best, so choose a ring based on what she values ​​most and what it means to you. Make your Valentine’s Day special with one of these 10 beautiful heart-shaped rings.

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