KuberBox Guide: Caring for Your Jewels

KuberBox Information: Caring for Your Jewels

Jewelry should always be handled with care. From the time you put the display case in place to the time you send it to its new home, you should show your customers that jewelry should always be handled with care. This means that once they have made their purchases, you will also need to explain to them the different methods of cleaning and caring for their jewelry. Harder gemstones like diamonds and sapphires, which you will also learn about in this program, tend to scratch other softer gemstones. Fine metals commonly used in jewelry can, in turn, damage your gemstones. Without scaring your customers, you should be able to explain the need to take care of their jewelry. Jewelry should always be stored individually without hitting or rubbing against another.

Rubbing Process Jewelry - Cleaning Instructions

Impact method for cleaninf jewelry

Our KuberBox packaging is both a fantastic storage box for jewelry and a great selling point for our jewelry. Chains and bracelets should also be stored separately as they can scratch gemstones or other parts and become tangled together, which can damage the links. Many jewelry stores have their own cleaning machines such as ultrasonic and steam cleaners that are very effective at removing dirt and grime from hard-to-reach areas. The ultrasound device sends high-frequency sound waves through a liquid soap solution that shakes out the dirt. Due to the high frequency, gemstones can also move in their surroundings. In the ultrasound machine, stones regularly fall out if they are not firmly in place. A safe way of cleaning is to use a fine net that can catch small stones that fall from their surroundings. We had already discussed the ultrasonic cleaner in detail in previous sections. If you want to read it again, you can revisit the “Handmade Jewelry” section.

A steam cleaner is another professional machine that can be found in jewelry stores for cleaning jewelry. It uses high pressure steam to remove dirt from tiny cracks and crevices. This machine can burn you or injure you due to its powerful steam and must always be used with tweezers and at a safe distance to minimize damage caused. Although these methods are very effective at cleaning jewelry, they can damage stones in the process. Constant cleaning of pearls and other gemstones such as corals, lapis, emeralds, opals, and turquoise, which are very prone to damage, can destroy the beauty of the gemstone. Filled stones such as emeralds and diamonds can also lose their fill during this process and look dull and different. Chlorinated water, which is used in swimming pools, can seriously damage your jewelry if left on for a long time. For this reason, your clients should be informed that they must remove their jewelry when they take a dip in the pool to swim. The chlorine can cause the metal to diminish its luster and also weaken. With our KuberBox setup, customers can return their jewelry for a thorough cleaning once a year. A quick fix for dirty jewelry, however, is to use warm, soapy water in a bowl with an old, soft-bristled toothbrush on a clean and clear table which is the best option as this will remove all of the dirt that’s clinging to the setting as well other small crevices that are invisible to the naked eye. There are also numerous polishing cloths available these days that you can use to buff gold and silver, although sometimes it can scratch the metal as well. Sterling silver needs protection as it can oxidize in the air due to the sulfur present in the atmosphere. Nowadays there are bags available that prevent the metal from tarnishing, are not too expensive to buy and are great for storing your jewelry. Tarnish protection fluids are also becoming a common cleaning technique and are sold in most general stores.

Gold ring exposed in chlorinated water

Cleaning process of the ring

Cleaning your jewelry should be an annual ritual, if not earlier, as daily wear can cause your jewelry to attract dirt and grime. As part of the KuberBox customer base, each of our customers is entitled to a free one-year service period. During this time, customers can return parts if they need to make repairs or cleanings to their jewelry, all of which are covered by KuberBox. It is important to let customers know that they need to take care of their jewelry to keep it looking good longer. Encourage them to check their jewelry regularly and explain the benefits of properly storing their jewelry.


As with everything we love and appreciate, everyone likes to care for their jewelry over long periods of time. Jewelery, which in most cases is passed on over generations, is ideal for this. In order to be able to pass jewelry on, it should be in perfect condition without any stones etc. absence. Jewelry should therefore be checked at your jeweler whenever you request it or the customers request it. This ensures that any pen that encases gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies, amethysts, or any other from a wide variety of gemstones, is in perfect condition and does not compromise the safety of the gemstone. Losing a gemstone with high emotional and financial value can be a drain on your customers’ wallet. Regular reviews are therefore important.

Ring with a missing gem

Jewelry with a broken pin

Resizing rings

With our setup at KuberBox and as a privileged partner, you are the firsthand interaction for your customers and need to convey the importance of repairs and regular checks. Repairs may involve reassembling gemstones, removing the gemstones from their current setting and placing them back in a new collet or possibly prong arrangement so the stones don’t fall out of their setting. Resizing is a common reason jewelry is returned to the jewelers. After heavy wear and tear, metal can become larger or misshapen and become solid or perhaps even loose. Bank jewelers are perfect for this, as they can shape the metal by stretching, sawing or soldering, depending on the requirements. Some attitude styles, as we have already covered, are more difficult to repair than others because of their complex attitude styles.

The repair of a pen or bezel setting can alternatively be tilted again with a suitable metal, whereby the piece of jewelery receives the same effect as before without much difference. If additional metal is used to repair it, it is usually not free and must be borne by the customer. When accepting jewelry for repairs of any kind, you must ensure that you clearly state each item and the damaged part on a detailed report. Incorrect repairs and misplaced parts can become a massive problem if there are no records to verify against. Additionally, explain the problem orally to your mentor so that the mentor can write down the problem and forward the necessary feedback and instructions to the relevant department in KuberBox. Ask your mentor to provide you with a “repair sheet” so that you can identify the condition of the old jewelry and the repairs that it will require. With this sheet you can articulate all repairs. This would therefore ensure that the correct repairs are made for the piece.

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