How To Measure Jewelry Efficiently - Infographic 2021

How To Measure Jewellery Effectively – Infographic 2021

Online shopping is fast becoming synonymous with the 21st century. Everything from an all-pin worth less than one rupee to an opulent diamond set worth lakhs rupees is put online. Who doesn’t want the extensive collection and competitive pricing of online sellers? That said, if you have been thinking about buying fine gold and diamond jewelry online, then there is one thought that may be worrying you: how do you know whether or not the size of the particular piece of jewelry you are buying is correct? .

Do not worry. Our experts at KuberBox have your back. Here are some simple tips and tricks to help you determine the size of jewelry that proves to be best for you.

  • If you are looking for a chain, necklace, or chain pendant, the math is pretty simple. A chain that is 400 to 410 mm, or about 16 inches, looks like a choker. A 430-490 mm or 17-19 “chain hangs around your collarbone, while a 550 mm or 22” chain is quite long and hangs around your chest.
  • For bracelets, the length is measured with the secured clasp to ensure an accurate measurement. In most cases, women’s bracelets are between 7 and 8.5 inches long. However, if necessary, the bracelets can be tailored to meet the needs of young girls and oversized women.
  • Rings are always measured based on their diameter in millimeters. Simply measure the circumference of the finger you want the ring for with a tape measure or string and place your order on the basis of this.

We hope that by now you are pretty confident when buying KuberBox jewelry online.

learn how to measure jewelry accurately

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