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How do you have a good time Raksha Bandhan when you find yourself away out of your Bhai?

If you reminisce, you can bet that you can identify more than a few instances where you thought your siblings were your greatest enemy. We are sure there must have been times when your parents tried their best to re-establish a calm and warm relationship between you, but to no avail. And now that you are all adults and separated lives trying to build careers and families, you can help but sorely miss your bhai – your only true friend, or should we call him friend? You decide! Anyway, we are sure that we will be away from him on the day that matters most, that is, Raksha Bandhan is just excruciating. To ease your agony and ensure that you celebrate this day with as much fervor as possible, we bring you some fun ideas for celebrating Raksha Bandhan when you are away from your brother!

Create a photo book - KuberBox

Tip 1 – create a photo book

From the day you were born until today, you and your siblings have lived life as it came. Over the years you’ve taken many pictures, some cheerful, some ordinary, and some exceptionally funny and even quirky. See this raksha bandhan as a unique opportunity to delve into the past. Start by collecting all the Raksha Bandhan pictures you have with your brother so far. Next, toss in some of those lovely festive images you might get your hands on! When you’re done, try putting together a few or more of your pictures that are just plain funny or crazy about you. Now create a beautiful photo book with all of these pictures and send it to your brother. If he receives this stunningly thought out gift along with his rakhi, we are sure that it will be an absolute eye-catcher for both of you!

Gift for Rakshabandhan

Tip 2 – Have a proper ceremony

When not on Raksha Bandhan with your brother, it’s easy to just let the day go by without doing much other than for a quick phone call. However, we believe that you can make things special by simply dressing up nicely for the occasion and celebrating it according to the rituals you followed from the start. Start with a video call with your brother, then light a lamp. If your brother has a friend or relative with him, you can even ask him to tie the rakhi you sent him. Not only will it rekindle the undying love you have for one another, but it will also help you miss each other a little less. And of course, a small celebration just can’t hurt.

Favorite food for rakshabandhan giftHow do you celebrate Raksha Bandhan when you are away from your Bhai? 6th

Tip 3 – Send him his favorite food

With so many food delivery apps in each city, it’s easy to send your brother a hot meal with a dessert platter. And what could be nicer to spoil him with a hearty meal than that of Raksha Bandhan? Before we forget to mention, remember to prepay for your meal. After all, it should be a gift for him. Is not it?

Gold and silver rakhi design

4. Surprise him with a gold and silver rakhi

If you really want to surprise your brother, send him a silver rakhi this time, or if your budget allows, a gold rakhi! Not only will the dazzling rakhi look fabulous on his wrist for a week, but he can also use it as a pendant or brooch and flaunt it all year round! Don’t you think this could be one of the most joyful ways to celebrate your sibling relationship?

What is more? The value of gold or silver rakhi will increase over the years, making it a small but significant investment!

Create a reel or short video for Rakshbandhan

5. Social media to your rescue

While social media is widely used to express our love for that special someone in our life, we rarely use it to show how we feel about our siblings. You can change this raksha bandhan. Find one or two adorable pictures of you and your sibling or create a short video and accompany it with a heartfelt message for your sibling. Starting with telling them how much they mean to you, to sharing some of your best memories with them, you can just pour out your heart! As far as you know, it will make the distance between the two of you and help you rejoice in the truly amazing relationship that you share with each other!

We hope that now you have some ideas to celebrate Raksha Bandhan in full zeal even when your brother is far away.

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