11629 Fenton Round Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

High 30 Spherical Diamond Engagement Rings of 2022

Round diamond engagement rings are by far the most popular choice today, and for good reason. This classic shape is elegant, classy, and outshines all the other diamond cuts. Due to their popularity, these rings are practically everywhere you look, in various styles and sizes.

The abundance of choices can be overwhelming. So, we’ve compiled a list of our top 30 round cut diamond engagement rings to make this important decision easier.

Top 30 Round Diamond Engagement Rings

1. London Ring

13977 London Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $13,000

The London Ring is as bustling and colossal as the city it was named after. This magnificent piece features a bezel-set old European cut diamond weighing around 1.33 carats. A set of single diamonds of the same cut surround the center stone in a unique geometric design. This eye-catching pattern extends along the shoulders and transitions into a beautiful 18k yellow gold band.

The extraordinary details don’t stop there. An exquisite openwork under-gallery and delicate milgrain decorate the mounting, making this ring a feast for the eyes from any angle.

2. Rochdale Ring

13230 Rochdale Round Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring

Price: $9,500

If your partner wants a round diamond without all the bells and whistles, the Rochdale Ring might be your go-to choice. This vintage ring features a GIA-certified 1.08-carat old European cut diamond in a prong setting. The center stone is flanked by a baguette-cut diamond on each side, seamlessly flowing into the sleek platinum band.

3. Cyprus Ring

14052 Cyprus Round Diamond and Ruby Engagement

Price: $8,500

Cyprus is the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite, earning the title of the Island of Love. Even if you aren’t planning a destination wedding, you can ensure your future wife carries a symbolic piece of this mythical place on her finger.

The Cyprus Ring centers a 1.52-carat diamond in a four-prong setting. The love aspect comes alive with two bezel-set rubies accenting the center stone. The mounting and the shank are handcrafted in 18k yellow gold, which gives this ring a unique visual appeal.

4. Cairns Ring

14090 Cairns Round Diamond and Leaf Accented Engagement Ring

Price: $8,000

The Cairns Ring is nothing short of exquisite. The center stone is a notable round diamond weighing approximately 1.16 carats. Three leaf-shaped accent diamonds adorn each shoulder made even more stunning by the fine milgrain on the bezels. The middle accent diamond connects with the middle wire of the platinum shank, making it look like a stem and tying the overall design together.

5. Madrid Ring

14249 Madrid Old European Round Diamond Enagement Ring

Price: $5,700

If you’re looking for a diamond extravaganza, the Madrid Ring has got you covered. The story begins with a lively old European cut diamond in the center, weighing approximately 0.92 carats and set in six prongs. What divides each prong is a cluster of diamonds of the same cut. This gorgeous ring is completed with more diamonds adorning the shoulders in a pavé setting. Since the top does all the talking, the platinum band is kept simple yet elegant.

6. Fenton Ring

11629 Fenton Round Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $9,600

The Fenton Ring is ideal for future brides fond of diamond round halo engagement rings. This lovely ring centers a 1.25-carat diamond of impressive color grade. The stone is bezel-set into a platinum mounting and surrounded by a beautiful halo bustling with diamonds. As if the halo wasn’t enough, three more diamonds adorn each shoulder.

7. Newnan Ring

13854 Newnan Vintage Edwardian Ring

Price: $3,200

If your significant other loves round diamonds but isn’t fond of traditional designs, the Newnan Ring might be the answer. This iconic ring comes from the Edwardian era, circa 1900, and looks like something straight out of a movie.

The elongated openwork mounting holds three round bezel-set diamonds. The center stone weighs approximately 0.15 carats and is accented by curving French-cut rubies. The remaining round diamonds constitute part of a beautiful floral motif that also features rose cut diamonds.

These diamonds can be found on the ring’s shoulders as well before a striking, 18k yellow gold band takes over.

8. The Denmark Ring

12396 Denmark Round Diamond and French Cut Sapphire Ring

Price: $9,500

Denmark is known as one of the happiest countries in the world, which is precisely how your future wife will feel upon seeing this ring. The Denmark Ring is a marvelous piece of jewelry featuring a 1.07-carat round diamond.

The center stone lies in a stunning platinum mounting, filled with prong-set diamonds and striking French-cut sapphires. Fine milgrain surrounds these diamonds and sapphires, emphasizing the boldness of the ring.

The ring’s shoulders are a treat on their own. They feature a fleur-de-lis design packed with diamonds. This beautiful pattern is complemented by a triple-wire shank made from handcrafted platinum.

9. Linda Ring

13663 Linda Rind

Price: $8,400

The Linda Ring is another fabulous illustration of diamond round halo engagement rings. The center stone is GIA-certified and weighs approximately 0.90 carats. A halo of smaller diamonds encircles the center stone, emphasizing its beauty. This majestic ring features diamond-set shoulders going past the intriguing shape of the under-gallery to reach the platinum triple-wire shank.

10. Copenhagen Ring

13864 Copenhagen Art Deco Vintage Engagement Ring

Price: $5,000

Many view Copenhagen as a modern-day fairy tale, and this ring lives up to its name. The Copenhagen Ring is an original piece from the Art Deco era, circa 1930.

A 0.90-carat diamond of excellent color and clarity lies nestled in box prongs. From there, the attention shifts to a geometric halo that uses a step design to make this ring genuinely imposing on a finger. The diamonds from the halo and the shoulders contribute to the total carat weight of around 1.15.

Although the central display is the star of the show, the platinum shank also received some love, with beautiful hand engravings.

11. Milan Ring

13745 Milan Round Diamond and French Cut Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring

Price: $8,800

As a rare token of honesty and trust, sapphires are the perfect addition to diamond engagement rings. The Milan Ring features the perfect balance of these two precious stones, with a sizeable diamond in the center and a spectacular sapphire halo around it.

The center diamond weighs around 1.07 carats and connects to smaller stones going past the shoulders onto the platinum shank. This stunner is completed with a striking architectural-like openwork under-gallery.

12. Luso Ring

13829 Luso Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $25,000

The mesmerizing Luso Ring looks like something that should be kept in a museum. This extraordinary piece of jewelry features a round diamond in the center weighing approximately 2.42 carats. A halo packed with smaller diamonds surrounds the center stone and seamlessly blends with the shoulders. Subtly adding a gorgeous, green accent, the kite-shaped emeralds on the shoulders give this ring old-world charm.

13. Ocean View Ring

12976 Ocean View Round Diamond and Cluster Halo Engagement Ring

Price: $8,000

People are usually blown away when they first see the ocean. This captivating Ocean View Ring will have the same effect on your betrothed, maybe even rendering them speechless.

This beautiful cluster ring features a round GIA-certified diamond in the center weighing around 0.94 carats. Thanks to the center stone’s exceptional color and clarity grades, all eyes will undoubtedly be on this sparkler. A floral halo further embellishes the ring, connecting the center stone with the 18k yellow gold shank. The eye-catching design is completed with a diamond-shaped bezel on each shoulder.

14. Arvada Ring

14033 Top Unique Diamond Engagement Rings

Price: $11,500

If you’re looking for a halo engagement ring with a twist, the Arvada Ring will blow your mind. This unique Art Deco-style ring centers a round diamond weighing roughly 1.49 carats. The surrounding geometric lace openwork makes this ring stand out among the other round cut diamond engagement rings on our list.

This intricate design sits between the center stone and the surrounding halo of pavé-set diamonds. Continuing this marvelous display of beauty, three diamonds adorn each shoulder, drawing the eye to the stunning patterns on the under-gallery.

15. Mildred Ring

13471 Mildred Old European cut diamond and yellow gold engagement ring

Price: $8,500

Brides looking for a subdued, two-tone engagement ring will fall in love with this beautiful Mildred Ring. The center stone is an old European cut diamond weighing around 1.26 carats, set in four yellow-gold prongs. Bullet-shaped bezels with single diamonds decorate each shoulder, adding to the intricacy of the ring’s design. This elegant piece was handcrafted in 14k yellow gold during the Retro era, circa 1940.

16. Brent Ring

12826 Brent Ring

Price: $4,500

If a simple round diamond just doesn’t seem enough, consider getting the Brent Ring. This ring’s design throws fascinating geometric patterns into the mix, making the center stone more appealing to non-traditional brides.

The center stone is a lovely 0.77-carat old European cut diamond set in square prongs. Fine milgrain adds a touch of delicacy. Unusually shaped diamonds adorn each shoulder, firmly set in a handcrafted platinum mounting. To top it all off, intricate hand engravings adorn the entire visible part of the shank.

17. Highland Ring

13200 Highland Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

Price: $6,300

Few things symbolize blooming love quite like a flower-shaped diamond ring. The distinctively feminine Highland Ring features a 0.63-carat round diamond in the center. This stone is surrounded by eight smaller diamonds, resulting in a cluster of remarkable brilliance. The flowerhead design is completed with sparkling pavé-set shoulders adorned with delicate milgrain.

18. Cartier Engagement Ring

11345 Cartier Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $22,000

What better way to start a life-long adventure with your partner than with a Cartier engagement ring? Each Cartier piece is characterized by masterful design and harmonious setting, and this round shoulder set diamond engagement ring is no different. It centers a GIA-certified 1.14-carat diamond of exquisite color grade. Additional diamonds decorate the entire visible portion of the platinum band for a total weight of 1.89 carats.

19. Ruby Halo Engagement Ring

13697 Round Diamond and Ruby Halo Engagement Ring

Price: $5,700

When it comes to engagement rings, diamonds and rubies are a match made in heaven. One look at the Ruby Halo engagement ring and you’ll understand why.

A ruby halo will catch your eye with its fiery display symbolizing love and passion. This stunning halo makes the center round brilliant cut diamond shine even brighter. This lively, 0.74-carat stone is accented by three smaller diamonds on each shoulder. Arch-like openwork filigree graces the under-gallery, which is supported by a simple platinum shank.

20. Princeton Ring

13436 Princeton Ring

Price: $10,500

Round diamond engagement rings are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a timeless piece of jewelry. Another trend that will never go out of style is combining diamonds with yellow gold. So, if you purchase the Princeton Ring, you’ll ensure your engagement ring will stand the test of time.

This epic ring combines a massive, 1.34-carat diamond in the center with stunning 18k yellow gold mounting and band. Both gold elements feature intricate details, including delicate milgrain, geometric patterns, hand engravings, and pavé-set diamonds.

21. Hyde Ring

13743 Hyde Round Diamond and Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Price: $7,200

The combination of diamonds and rose gold has become a favorite for engagement rings, since few metals deliver such a romantic outcome. Besides romance, the Hyde Ring is a master class in elegance and femininity. This beautiful piece centers a 1.18-carat diamond in a four-prong setting. Three delicate diamond-set leaves adorn the shoulders on each side. The mounting and the shank are handcrafted in 18k rose gold, with the latter being a triple-wire beauty.

22. Charlotte Ring

14025 Charlotte Old European Diamond and Cluster Halo Engagement Ring

Price: $11,500

The Charlotte Ring is hard to miss, thanks to its size and beauty. This imposing ring features a 1.35-carat round diamond surrounded by a cluster of smaller diamonds of the same cut. Continuing the theme “more is better,” additional diamonds line the shoulders, perfectly merging them with the platinum band.

23. Tufton Ring

13696 Tufton Round Diamond and Floral French Cut Ruby Halo Ring

Price: $5,000

Flowers in full bloom are one of nature’s greatest gifts, right behind colorful gemstones. The charming Tufton Ring places both on your loved one’s finger.

The center stone is a bezel-set old European cut diamond weighing approximately 0.40 carats. As many as 0.56 carats of diamonds go into the beautiful halo surrounding it, forming an attention-grabbing floral shape. The design is complete with natural rubies accentuating the halo, bringing rich color into the design.

24. Towson Ring

12928 Towson Round Diamond and Floral Emerald Halo Ring

Price: $8,000

Did you fall in love with the Tufton Ring but prefer emeralds over rubies? Enter the Towson Ring. This stunning display of “flower power” features a 0.65-carat diamond in the center with a cluster of old European cut diamonds around it. Natural emeralds weighing approximately 0.42 carats surround the diamonds, accenting them and making quite a statement.

25. English Ring

12730 English Round Diamond and Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $21,000

The English Ring is a personification of elegance and grace. This unique ring centers a sparkling, 2.06-carat old European cut diamond flanked by two massive pear-shaped diamonds weighing approximately 0.63 carats. Since these three diamonds alone are enough to make quite an impression, the 18k yellow-gold mounting and shank are pretty simple.

26. Cambria Ring

14060 Cambria Round Old European Bezel Set Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $6,500

The vintage-style Cambria Ring features an old European cut diamond in the center weighing approximately 0.79 carats. A lovely halo encircles the bezel-set center stone and adds 0.20 carats to the ring’s total weight. Additional single diamonds adorn the tapered shoulders, leading past the stunning openwork under-gallery and into the platinum triple-wire shank.

27. Thorseby Ring

11241 Thorseby Round Diamond and Onyx Halo Ring

Price: $15,500

The Thorseby Ring is ideal for future brides who want a darker and more alluring engagement ring. In a rare feat, this piece features a polished halo made from natural onyx, encircling the center 1.24-carat round diamond. Two bullet-cut diamonds sit atop the shoulders, balancing the boldness and opaqueness of the onyx halo and adding 0.41 carats to the ring’s total weight.

28. Otley Ring

11363 Otley hexagonal Art Deco style engagement Ring

Price: $9,800

The Otley Ring is a love letter to the geometric shapes of the Art Deco era. The ring’s center diamond weighs around 1.12 carats and lies within a hexagonal frame with a single diamond adorning each vertex. The frame features the first of three baguette-shaped diamonds that decorate each shoulder and lead into the sleek platinum band.

29. Covina Ring

13284 Artistic Round Old European Diamond Engagement Ring with Prongs

Price: $5,900

The Covina Ring offers a classic design for those who love a good round shoulder set diamond engagement ring. The ring centers a GIA-certified 0.90-carat old European cut diamond in a four-prong setting. Smaller diamonds embellish the under-gallery and the shoulders for a tasteful, diamond-studded view from any angle.

30. Troyes Ring

11727 Troyes Ring

Price: $14,000

The mesmerizing Troyes Ring centers an antique old European cut diamond weighing approximately 1.75 carats, surrounded by a halo of smaller stones. Baguette-cut diamonds sit on either side of the center stone with additional diamonds adorning the shoulders of the handcrafted platinum mounting. The lower gallery features a scroll motif which further enhances the ring’s beauty.

Shopping Advice for Buying a Round Diamond Engagement Ring Online

Customer Looking at 4-carat diamond engagement ring on finger

Shopping for an engagement ring online can be daunting, so here’s what to keep in mind when looking for the perfect round diamond model.

  • Solitaire, halo, and pavé settings are particularly suitable for a round diamond.
  • Round cut diamond engagement rings go by many names. These include round brilliant cut, round-shaped diamond, and old European cut.
  • The cut is arguably the most important of the four Cs of diamond quality. You can ensure the chosen ring is of excellent or very good quality by checking the GIA certificate, if available.
  • With round cut diamonds, the carat weight correlates to the ring’s size. In general, the higher the carat size, the bigger the ring.
  • Don’t rely solely on the stated clarity grade. Thoroughly inspect what the ring looks like in the provided video and images.
  • Round diamonds refract light better than all other diamond shapes. As a result, you can select a ring of I or even J color.

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