2.5 carat diamond engagement ring for $24000 platinum old European cut

High 30 Engagement Rings for $25000

Deciding on our budget is crucial when selecting an engagement ring. A long-established rule is that you should spend about two monthly salaries on a ring, however, it’s not always that simple. If you’re still unsure about how much to spend, check out our ring budget calculator. And if you’ve decided that you want to look at engagement rings for $25000, read on to find the best options in this price range. 

In this guide, we’ve compiled the 30 best engagement ring styles for $25,000. Here you will find impressive multiple carat diamonds, mixed colorful gemstones, solitaire, three-stone, and halo designs, and more. 

1. Cannock Ring

Price $25,000. Learn more about the Cannock Ring.

The 1.58-carat Asscher-cut diamond in the center is colorless and almost free from inclusions. The diamond halo around it repeats its square shape. Additionally, baguette and round-cut diamonds run along the shoulders. This ring has a richly decorated, with openwork, under-gallery, but the triple-wire shank style platinum band is rather plain. The low profile makes this ring not only beautiful but also convenient for everyday wear. 

2. Cartier Engagement Ring

Price $22,000. Learn more about the Cartier Ring.

You can stand out even while following traditions – this Cartier ring is proof. The 1.14-carat, round-cut diamond in the center appears larger due to the four-prong setting. A diamond pave runs along the shoulders and takes up the entire visible part of the band. A classic design with exquisite sparkle. 

3. Cullum Ring

12796 Engagement Ring for $25000 Diamond and Platinum

Price $25,000. Learn more about the Cullum Ring.

The Cullum ring has a high profile with bows-inspired decorum both on the under-gallery and the shoulders. In the center of this solitaire is an old European cut diamond that weighs over 2.5 carats. Smaller diamonds cover the bows’ ornament. The plain platinum band balances the design and doesn’t steal attention from the stone. 

4. Art Deco Ring

Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring for $25K at Estate Diamond Jewelry

Price $22,500. Learn more about this ring.

Brides that prefer wide bands will appreciate this Art Deco style ring. A 2.5-carat diamond can be found in the center, while smaller French-cut diamonds run along the shoulders. However, the main thing that distinguishes this ring from others is the wide bezel band with geometrical engravings. 

5. Woodside Ring

Price 25000 Diamond Engagement Ring  for $25000 Item number 12384

Price $22,500. Learn more about the Woodside Ring.

The Woodside ring is for brides who value traditions and prefer minimalistic designs. The old European cut diamond in the center weighs nearly 2.5 carats and has very slight inclusions. Two baguette-cut diamonds adorn the shoulders. The platinum band and the under-gallery are bare. There are no unnecessary details in this ring, and that’s what makes it so chic. 

6. Nebraska Ring

Price $24,000. Learn more about the Nebraska Ring.

There are so many interesting design details in the Nebraska ring that it’s hard to stop looking at it. The center old European cut diamond weighs 2.58 carats, while a French-cut emerald halo surrounds the main stone. Small diamonds cover the bow ornaments on the shoulders and create another halo. This ring will be perfect for wider fingers, as it covers a large surface. 

7. English Ring

Price $21,000. Learn more about the English Ring.

This three-stone ring features an old European cut diamond in the center and two pear-cut diamonds on the sides. The total stone weight is close to 3 carats, furthermore, every stone is almost flawless. The stones are mounted in an 18k gold bezel setting. 

8. Colmenar Ring

Price $21,500. Learn more about the Colmenar Ring.

The Colmenar ring is a great example of an Edwardian Era design that can be easily incorporated into the modern casual style. The center old European mine cut stone weighs over 2.5 carats and has nearly no inclusions. More diamonds adorn the shoulders. What truly makes this ring stand out is the fine filigree and openwork that decorate the platinum band from every side. 

9. Bollon Ring

Price $24,000. Learn more about the Bollon Ring.

Onyx isn’t common for engagement rings. However, the Bollon ring features a rare mix of diamonds, onyx, and emeralds, making it a perfect option. The center stone weighs nearly 2.5 carats, while smaller green and black stones adorn the ring’s shoulders. Fine filigree and engravings decorate the platinum band. 

10. Sintra Ring

2.5 carat diamond engagement ring for $24000 platinum old European cut

Price $24,000. Learn more about the Sintra Ring.

You can’t go wrong with a solitaire. And if you believe that single stone rings are boring, take a look at the Sintra ring. The center stone weighs over 2.5 carats and appears even larger due to the six-prong setting. Last but not least, a floral motif and small diamonds run along the shoulders. 

11. Octagon Halo Ring

Octagon Diamond Halo on Hand

Price $22,000. Learn more about the Octagon Halo Ring.

The center stone of this ring weighs 2.3 carats and features an old European cut. However, the fine milgrain on the setting creates the illusion of an octagonal shape. The diamond halo repeats the angular shape, and more diamonds decorate the shoulders. The triple-wire shank style platinum band and under-gallery with openwork complete the look. 

12. Wachau Ring

Price $26,000. Learn more about the Wachau Ring.

Wachau ring is another octagonal design in our selection. The center old European cut diamond weighs over 2.5 carats, and the total weight of all stones exceeds 3.5 carats. The angular shape is achieved by baguette-cut diamonds on the angles and filigree. 

13. Boucheron Ring

Price $20,000. Learn more about the Boucheron Ring.

This Boucheron ring has a truly unique, elegant design. The center stone in a four-prong setting weighs slightly over a carat. A diamond halo surrounds the main stone but doesn’t adjoin to it, making the ring look ethereal. A diamond pave runs along the 18k gold band. 

14. Melton Ring

Odos Ring on a Hand Engagement Ring for $22,000

Price $22,000. Learn more about the Menton Ring.

The center old European cut diamond in the Melton ring weighs 2.37 carats, furthermore, it has nearly no inclusions. A stone like this doesn’t require additional design elements. Two baguette-cut diamonds are located on the shoulders. The stone setting is platinum, but the band is from 18k gold – a mix of metals that is so trendy currently. 

15. Siena Ring

Price $22,000. Learn more about the Siena Ring.

The center stone in this ring weighs almost 2.5 carats. Cushion cut is demanding to stone clarity – thankfully, this diamond has very slight inclusions. Two baguette-cut diamonds are set on the shoulders. An octagonal diamond halo adds even more sparkle to this lavish piece. 

16. Middletown Ring 

18000 diamond engagement ring Artistic Finger 12655

Price $18000. Learn more about the Middletown Ring.

The Middletown ring is remarkable from every side. The center stone has an old European cut, but appears square from a distance due to the milgrain setting. More diamonds adorn the openwork around the main stone, while the platinum band is engraved with geometric ornaments. 

17. Emerald Halo Ring

Emerald Halo Ring on Finger Price in $25,000 Price bracket

Price $21,000. Sold

This Asscher-cut diamond ring stands out due to its lively green, octagonal emerald halo. Three small old European cut diamonds decorate the shoulders. The platinum band is plain, but the under-gallery features fine openwork. 

18. Harewood Ring

Price $26,000. Learn more about this ring.

Sapphires and diamonds are the two most popular stones for engagement rings, so why don’t we pair them? In the center of this ring is an old European cut, 2.82-carat diamond, while a French-cut sapphire halo surrounds it. Additional diamonds adorn the shoulders. The platinum band is free from extra decorum, but the under-gallery features delicate openwork. 

19. Freeport Ring

Price $26,500. Learn more about the Freeport Ring.

The Freeport ring features a timeless combination – old European cut diamonds and 18k yellow gold. The center diamond weighs 2.82 carats and is nearly colorless, which is important when the setting is saturated. Lastly, smaller diamonds run along the shoulders and the high crown under-gallery. 

20. Cartier Three Stone Ring

Price $26,00. Learn more about the Cartier Ring.

Minimalistic platinum band, three-stone design, and the mix of sapphires and a diamond. This Cartier ring will never go out of fashion and fits any style. The center 1.59-carat stone features an emerald-cut, while the two sapphires on the sides have a triangle cut. Due to this shape and color mix, the Cartier ring looks contemporary and elegant. 

21. Cookham Ring

Price $20,800. Learn more about the Cookham Ring.

Brides that love mixing styles will admire the Cookham ring. The plain platinum band and angular baguette-cut diamonds on the shoulders contrast with the floral-inspired halo. The center Asscher-cut stone is slightly elongated, thus makes fingers appear slimmer. Last but not least, the total weight of diamonds in this ring is nearly 3.5 carats. 

22. Prague Crown Ring 

engagement ring for $21,000 inside of the $25,000 price bracket

Price $21,000. Learn more about the Prague Crown Ring.

The design of the Prague Crown ring matches its name due to its high profile with a crown under-gallery. The main stone weighs over 2 carats. The platinum band features ornaments all around. The shoulders of this ring are adorned with small diamonds and milgrain. 

23. Marquise Ring

Marquise Ring on Finger $25k range engagement ring

Sold. Learn more about the Marquise Ring.

If your significant other prefers noticeable, extravagant rings to modest pieces, she will appreciate the Marquise ring. The center marquise-cut diamond is positioned horizontally, covering a large finger area. The platinum bezel setting features clusters of tiny diamonds. This ring has a flat profile, so despite its impressive look, it’s suitable for everyday wear. 

24. Lagos Ring 

12067 Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Price $21,000. Learn more about the Lagos Ring.

The design of this ring is inspired by florals. The center diamond weighs over 2 carats and is of excellent color and clarity grade. A diamond halo around it looks like petals, and more stones adorn the shoulders. Lastly, the platinum stone setting is decorated with filigree. 

25. Essex Ring

Essex Ring on Finger

Sold. Learn more about the Essex Ring.

A 4-carat, oval-cut emerald is in the spotlight of the Essex ring. The stone has a deep forest green color. Baguette-cut diamonds adorn the shoulders, and small old European cut stones create a halo. The platinum setting with milgrain is designed in Edwardian style shape. This ring is a great fit for brides that would like to visually elongate fingers. 

26. Hendon Ring

Hendon Ring on Finger 2 carat diamond engagement ring

Price $25,000. Learn more about the Hendon Ring.

The most beautiful part of this ring is its shoulders. Milgrain, openwork, and diamonds run along the shoulders. The high crown under-gallery features a floral ornament with more diamonds. The center stone weighs 2.6 carats and is mounted in a four-prong setting. 

27. Bordeaux Ring 

11762 price 22500 Antique Engagement Ring Artistic

Price $22,500. Learn more abou the Bordeaux Ring.

The Bordeaux ring is a distinct example of the Art Deco era style. The center old European cut diamonds weigh over 2 carats. However, the wide bezel setting decorated with a geometrical milgrain pattern makes the design angular. Sapphires and small diamonds cover a large area around the main stone. The platinum band features a floral ornament which is also visible from the side. 

28. Athens ring

Athens Ring Finger Picture 2.31carat old european cut diamond engagement ring

Price $25,000. Learn more about the Athens Ring.

The under-gallery of the Athens ring is one of a kind. It features an intricate platinum openwork and engraving pattern that looks like feathers. Of course, this ring isn’t only beautiful from the side. The center stone of great clarity weighs 2.31 carats. More diamonds run along the shoulders. The stones are mounted in a bezel setting. 

29. Canberra Ring

Canberra Ring on a Finger

Price $23,500. Learn more about the Canberra Ring.

The Canberra ring is a classic, modest option. The narrow platinum band is plain, thus practical – it won’t cause any discomfort. Small diamonds run along the platinum band. The center diamond weighs slightly over 2 carats and is mounted in a six-prong setting that doesn’t steal attention from the stone. 

30. Calabria Ring

Price $28,000. Learn more about the Calabria Ring.

Rose-cut diamonds are extremely rare. Their sparkle isn’t as intense as that of round-cut stones, however, they appear larger due to the flat surface. The four-prong setting makes the main diamond look ethereal, and the effect is intensified by the narrow band with diamond pave.

31. Barrington Ring 

$22,000 Learn more about the Barrington Ring. 

This ring is a dainty choice for the most feminine brides. An array of small stones sparkles on its 18-carat gold under-gallery and runs along the band, while a beautiful 1.63-carat, colorless diamond with slight inclusions sits in the center. Since it is a very delicate ring, it will look especially great on brides with thin fingers. 

32. Chelmsford Ring 

$22,500 Learn more about the Chelmsford Ring. 

As a rare example of Art Deco style, it combines intricate openwork with geometric shapes. The center stone weighs over 2 carats with a very faint tint with slight inclusions. In addition, two triangle sapphires on the sides give a pop of color to this already unusual design. 

33. Ansley Ring 

$20,500 Learn more about the Ansley Ring. 

Brides who love timeless classics but fancy a twist will appreciate the Ansley ring. Two pear-shaped diamonds on the shoulders surround an elegant 1.5-carat cushion-cut diamond in the center, while tiny stones run along the 18-carat white gold shank. This ring will suit any style, and its sparkle will certainly draw attention. 

34. Florham Ring 

$25,000 Learn more about the Florham Ring. 

Colored gemstones are among the hottest engagement ring trends of recent years, but diamonds never go out of style. Why not combine tradition and fashion with the Florham ring? A sunny yellow diamond in a yellow gold bezel setting will undoubtedly elevate your loved one’s mood. Delicate openwork and small colorless stones complete the look. 

35. Ambroise Ring 

$21,000 Learn more about the Ambroise Ring. 

The Ambroise ring is a unique style created in France during the Art Deco era. A swirl pattern of small diamonds and sapphires around the central stone has a truly hypnotic effect. The center cushion-cut diamond weighs 1.2 carats but appears larger due to such an exquisite halo. The plain platinum band balances the design. 

36. Buccellati Diamond Ring 

$28,000 Learn more about the Buccellati Diamond Ring. 

Although Buccellati company was founded over a century ago in Italy, it remains one of the most famous European jewelry brands to this day. This unique ring with starburst design dates to circa 1970. The center stone is nearly colorless and weighs over 2.3 carats. Such a combination of large size and high quality is very rare. 

37. Howell Ring 

$23,000 Learn more about the Howell Ring. 

The Howell ring has an elegant, modest style with a large, 2.26-carat round-cut diamond in the center. The ring’s plain platinum band is comfortable for everyday use, while high profile features elaborate openwork with tiny stones. Such a design is always appropriate because it never goes out of fashion. 

38. Belem Ring 

$25,000 Learn more about the Belem Ring. 

Art Deco era is famous for complex, unique jewelry designs, and this piece is a stunning example. The Belem ring is ideal for brides who wish to stand out. A 2.39-carat cushion cut stone in the center is nearly colorless and very clear. It appears even more lustrous due to the diamond halo. The platinum under-gallery features an openwork pattern. 

39. Smithfield Ring 

$22,000 Learn more about the Smithfield Ring. 

This ring is a magnificent style dating from about 1925. A detailed floral pattern runs alongside the platinum band, with a 2.57-carat diamond in the center. High profile with scroll ornaments indicates this ring was made during the Art Deco era. Such a style is a rare find nowadays. 

40. Alicante Ring 

$25,000 Learn more about the Alicante Ring. 

Pear-shaped stones tend to elongate fingers and appear larger than they are. The Alicante ring is a beautiful example of endless elegance. The 2.33-carat, nearly colorless diamond is set in prongs. An array of small stones runs along the platinum shoulders, while openwork adorns the high profile of this ring. 

Budget: Engagement Rings for $25000

Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring in Box Customer Estate Diamond Jewelry

As you can see, you can easily find styles to fit any preference in a specific price range. Furthermore, $25,000 is enough to purchase a large diamond without compromising its quality. Hopefully, you have found your perfect ring among our top 30 selection, or at least got some inspiration.

If you wish to create a custom design that incorporates elements of several styles from this selection, check out our custom ring guide. And, of course, feel free to reach out to us with any queries.

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