12655 Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring for $18000

High 30 Engagement Rings for $18000

When picking the perfect engagement ring, one of the factors to consider is your budget. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to 30 engagement rings for $18000.

You’ll discover a variety of styles, shapes, and gemstones that will leave your bride speechless. 

Old Mine Cushion Ring

11566 Old Mine Cushion Cut Ring

Price: $13,800. Learn more about the Old Mine Cushion Ring. 

This platinum ring centers around a 1.36-carat diamond that was cut in 1925. The two baguette-cut diamonds and the four square-shaped diamonds along the gallery’s sides make this ring appealing for brides that enjoy a subtle yet eye-catching look. 

The Venice Ring

Toulouse Ring on Finger in Budget for Engagement Rings for $18000

Price: $14,400. Learn more about the Venice Ring. 

The Venice ring is a combination of a traditional solitaire ring but with modern details. An antique, old European cut diamond weighing around 1.70 carats is the center stone. The ring features a crown-shaped gallery that makes the stone stand out. The diamonds along the shoulders add to the elegance of the hand-engraved band. 

The Barnard Ring

Price: $14,000. Learn more about the Barnard Ring. 

A solitaire is always a good choice, especially when it’s 18k gold. This classic revolves around a stunning, old European cut diamond with smaller diamonds along the shoulders. The under-gallery features an attractive design with embedded diamonds that add to the sparkle, and the hand-engraved, braided band complements the overall style. 

The Fairview Ring 

Fairview Diamond Engagement Ring on Hand View 2

Price: $14,000. Learn more about the Fairview Ring. 

This is another example of a solitaire ring, but this one is platinum. Here, all eyes will be drawn to the sparkly, 1.60 old European cut diamond. The three diamonds on each shoulder complement the center diamond and the beautiful gallery, which features a diamond-embedded filigree. This is followed by a row of diamonds with a detailed design that makes it perfect for a bride who enjoys simplicity with a touch of sparkle. 

The Emerald Cut and Sapphire Ring

11312 Diamond and Sapphire Ring on Finger

Price: $14,000. Learn more about the Emerald Cut and Sapphire Ring. 

The Art Deco era was the inspiration for the creation of this ring. The center diamond is an emerald-cut, 1.53-carat diamond. What makes it stand out is the beautiful halo of French-cut sapphires. The shoulders are paved with diamonds, and the under-gallery is decorated with symmetrical, wave-like shapes. 

The Ruby Floral Ring

Price: $14,500. Learn more about the Ruby Floral Ring. 

This lovely flower-shaped ring features rubies and diamonds set in gold and platinum. Let’s start with the center stone: it’s a 1.55-carat old European cut diamond. Half moon-cut rubies surround the diamond, forming a flower. The rubies are then surrounded by a halo of diamonds with a platinum edge. The finishing touch: small diamonds on the narrow, golden band that complete the look of this vintage ring. 

The Preston Ring

Price $15,000. Learn more about the Preston Ring. 

The clear 1.08-carat old European cut diamond makes this platinum ring perfect for brides in love with the style of the Art Deco era. The baguette-cut diamonds on each side of the main diamond and the surrounding milgrain contribute to the delicate look of the ring. It’s a perfect fit for those that want a subtle yet powerful look. 

The Elrig Ring

Price $15,000. Learn more about the Elrig Ring. 

The combination of a 1.74-carat old European cut diamond and the natural calibre-cut emeralds on the shoulders makes this ring a perfect fit for those who enjoy color and detail. Leaf-shaped old European cut diamonds surround the center stone, evoking spring and nature’s awakening. 

The Wimberley Ring

Price $15,000. Learn more about the Wimberley Ring. 

This hand-crafted platinum ring features an impressive 1.92-carat cushion-cut diamond. The three stones on each shoulder emphasize the beauty and delicacy of the center stone. This beautiful ring is ideal for brides that enjoy simple and effective jewelry they can wear every day. 

The Capri Ring

Price $16,000. Learn more about the Capri Ring. 

If your bride loves the combination of royal blue sapphires and diamonds, she will love this impressive piece of jewelry. The center stone of this halo ring is a 2.07-carat cushion-cut diamond surrounded by French cut sapphires. The three diamonds on each shoulder add to the beauty and sophistication of this exquisite piece. 

The Luso Ring

Price: $16,500. Learn more about the Luso Ring. 

When you see this ring, you immediately think of Art Deco. The center stone is a 1.87-carat old European cut with a surrounding halo of old-cut diamonds. On each shoulder, you’ll find three kite-shaped emeralds that emphasize the center diamond and the platinum band. 

The Deauville Ring

Deauville Ring on Finger  price $17,000

Price $17,000. Learn more about the Deauville Ring. 

This 18-karat yellow gold ring will impress every bride. The center stone is a 1.96-carat old European cut diamond, with a crown-shaped under-gallery decorated with small diamonds. The Deauville ring features a unique design with a variety of details that make it elegant and timeless. 

The Houston Ring

Price: $17,500. Learn more about the Houston Ring. 

The beautiful halo made out of French-cut sapphires emphasizes the 2.01-carat old European cut diamond. The under-gallery features symmetrical details and is connected to the triple wire band with diamond-embedded shoulders. The band is narrow, directing all the attention to the astonishing stone. 

The Regal Ring

Price $18,000. Learn more about the Regal Ring. 

The Regal ring is another example of how well diamonds and sapphires go together. The center stone is a round, 2.02-carat old European cut diamond. It’s emphasized by a row of beautiful, calibre-cut Ceylon sapphires. The head is decorated with unique patterns, and a simple, narrow band features small diamonds that complement the center stone. 

The Connecticut Ring

Price: $18,000. Learn more about the Connecticut Ring. 

A wonderful and effective combination of shapes makes this ring unique. This Art Deco style ring features a round 1.98-carat old European cut diamond dating from around 1930. It’s surrounded by a square of French cut sapphires, with triangles at each corner. The under gallery makes its contribution to emphasizing the variety of shapes with a leaf-shaped filigree. Small diamonds in the shoulders of the ring emphasize its uniqueness. 

The Rennes Ring

Price $18,000. Learn more about the Rennes Ring. 

The center stone of this ring is a 1.93-carat cushion-cut diamond cut around 1920, decorated by a halo of diamonds. Two baguette-cut diamonds on the sides connected with smaller, round diamonds form the halo. The 1.8mm band contributes to the elegance and sophistication of this beautiful piece. 

The Kent Ring

Diamond and platinum engagement ring for 18k

Price $18,000. Learn more about the Kent Ring. 

The Kent ring features diamonds and onyx, creating a beautiful contrast. A rare, 1.80-carat French-cut diamond is the center stone of this ring. Onyx surrounds the diamond, creating an eye-catching geometrical design. Then, smaller, old-cut diamonds surround the onyx, thus contributing to the black-and-white contrast. The Art Deco era was an inspiration for this interesting ring with a platinum band. 

The Brookside Ring

Price $18,000. Learn more about the Brookside Ring. 

This ring is effective thanks to the combination of diamonds and emeralds. The center stone is a 2.00-carat cushion-cut diamond, decorated with a halo of natural emeralds. On each shoulder, you’ll find three small diamonds that contribute to the ring’s beauty. The simple, platinum band is embellished by a beautiful design of the under-gallery. 

The Lienz Ring

Price $18,000. Learn more about the Lienz Ring. 

An original Art Deco piece, this ring features an old European cut diamond that weighs around 1.97 carats. The breathtaking part of this ring is its wide shoulders. Large, baguette-cut diamonds are found on each side of the center stone. A row of smaller diamonds surrounds the center and the shoulders, thus creating a unique geometrical shape. The shank features hand engravings, complementing the charm of this vintage ring dating from around 1920. 

The Medellin Ring

Price $18,000. Learn more about the Medellin Ring. 

This exquisite piece features a large, natural emerald weighing around 4.94 carats. The beauty of the emerald is emphasized by a row of smaller diamonds comprising a square-shaped halo. The impressive design of the under-gallery makes the ring even more interesting and sophisticated. The Medellin ring is perfect for a bride who wants to be unique. 

The Barrington Ring

Price $22,000. Learn more about the Barrington Ring. 

In addition to the beautiful, 1.63-carat old European cut diamond as the center stone, this ring has an impressive under-gallery. It’s crown-shaped and features symmetrical patterns decorated with small diamonds. This 18k yellow gold ring is hand-crafted, and its narrow band ensures all eyes are on the gorgeous diamond and the under-gallery. 

The Middletown Ring 

12655 Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring for $18000

Price $18,000. Learn more about the Middletown Ring. 

This ring dates back to the Edwardian era – the 1910s. It’s a great example of how well a traditional ring can be incorporated into a modern, contemporary style. A 2.00-carat diamond is in the center, while the smaller diamonds along the shoulders and under the gallery contribute to its beauty. The finishing touch is the hand engravings along the shoulders, which add to the unusual shape of this ring. 

The Cartier France Ring

Price: $18,000. Learn more about the Cartier France Ring. 

Traditional, classic design and breathtaking sparkle – this Cartier ring is everything you want. The stone is a brilliant-cut diamond that weighs around 1.01 carats, and the four-prong setting makes it look even bigger. The shoulders are paved with smaller diamonds that go all the way to the lower shank, thus making this Cartier-signed ring even more exquisite. 

The Ellenville Ring

Price: $18,000. Learn more about the Ellenville Ring. 

This round-shaped halo ring definitely draws attention. The center stone is a wonderful, 2.15-carat cushion cut diamond. The halo is comprised of European cut diamonds that repeat the shape of the center stone. The shoulders are embedded with small, subtle diamonds that complement the whole look and puts the spotlight on the center stone. 

Tropea Ring

Price: $18,800. Learn more about the Tropea Ring. 

The cushion-cut diamond in the center dating from the 1920s stands out thanks to the emeralds surrounding it. The emeralds spread out to the shoulders as well, creating a beautiful contrast. The delicate filigree makes this piece the perfect choice for brides that like a bold look. 

The Scottsboro Ring

Price: $19,000. Learn more about the Scottsboro Ring. 

This hand-crafted platinum ring features a design inspired by the Edwardian era. In the center, we have a European cut diamond that weighs around 2.00 carats. The under-gallery is impressive with its gentle details and patterns shaped as floral petals with embedded diamonds. Small diamonds along the shoulders of this exquisite ring make the center stone even more attractive. 

The Chelmsford Ring

Price: $19,000. Learn more about the Chelmsford Ring. 

This rare ring evokes the Art Deco era, and all eyes are on the center stone: a magnificent, 2.02-carat old European cut diamond. Two sapphire triangles on the sides emphasize the beauty of the diamond. The whole look is perfected with small diamonds surrounding the sapphires and the center stone. Hand engravings on the gallery and the shank make this eye-shaped ring even more unique and perfect for those that enjoy a daring look. 

The Barcelona Ring

Price: $19,500. Learn more about the Barcelona Ring. 

This is another ring originating from the Art Deco era. The center is a round, 1.55-carat old European cut diamond encompassed by a halo of smaller diamonds. The shoulders are paved with smaller, single-cut diamonds that contribute to the elegance of this platinum piece of jewelry. The engraved gallery adds to the ring’s style. 

The Bologna Ring

Price: $19,500. Learn more about the Bologna Ring. 

The piece features a combination that never ceases to impress: 18k gold and diamonds. A 2.07-carat European-cut diamond is the center of the ring, and it’s surrounded by a halo of smaller, old-cut diamonds of the same shape. The under-gallery features amazing filigree that is in line with the sophisticated style of this ring. The two side diamonds connect the center to the triple wire band. 

Boucheron Ring

Price: $20,000. Learn more about the Boucheron Ring. 

This ring is another great example of the perfect mix of 18k gold and diamonds. The center diamond weighs approximately 1.06 carats, but the ring’s most stunning part is its halo, an impressive, golden ring embedded with round-cut diamonds adorns the center stone. The round-cut diamonds are spread out across the upper shank, thus embellishing the visible part of the band. 

Find the Perfect Engagement Rings for $18000 

12655-Diamond Engagement Ring on Finger 18000

You might think finding the perfect engagement ring when you have a specific budget in mind isn’t easy. Hopefully, this list of top 30 rings in the $18,000 price range proved the contrary. You can find various rings featuring different styles, diamonds, and gemstones within that scope. 

Now that you’ve walked you through our selection of rings, we hope you’ve found the right one. And if not, we hope you’ve established what style you’re looking for and narrowed your search. 

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