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High 30 Diamond Engagement Rings for $3000

When choosing diamond engagement rings for $3000, there are many factors to take into consideration. Aside from the ring’s quality, carat weight, and overall design, one of the most important factors is your budget. The good news is diamond engagement rings don’t have to cost a fortune. 

With price in mind, here’s our selection of the top 30 diamond engagement rings for $3,000. This list also includes diamond engagement rings with sapphire, aquamarine, ruby, and emerald details. 

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Diamond Tiffany Ring

Price: $2,200. Link:

This solitaire diamond engagement ring is a signed Tiffany & Co. original. It’s the perfect choice for those looking for an elegant, timeless piece. The center stone is a round, brilliant-cut diamond with 0.23 carats, and it’s framed by four prongs. What’s more, a row of additional round-cut diamonds is set on both sides of the platinum ring. This engagement ring is slim, and it can be resized to fit any finger. 

Hartsville Ring 

Price: $3,500. Link:

For those who prefer eye-catching diamond engagement rings that will steal the show, take a look at the Hartsville ring. The entire upper part of the ring is covered in diamonds. This old European diamond cluster ring is actually a vintage piece, handcrafted in platinum in the 1950s. The center stone weighs 0.55 carats, and the two diamonds on the side have 0.23 carats. The entire ring weighs 1.91 carats, with dimensions of 1.00cm by 1.70cm. 

Cartier Diamond Ring 

Price: $2,200. Link:

If you’re interested in solitaire diamond engagement rings, the Cartier Diamond ring could be what you’ve been looking for. Considering that the ring is signed and numbered Cartier, it sells at an affordable price. This engagement ring doesn’t feature a pavé or halo diamonds, just a round brilliant cut diamond that weighs 0.26 carats. It’s held by four prongs, and the ring is platinum. Its country of origin is France, so it’s a great gift for fans of Cartier. 

Lindenhurst Ring 

Price: $3,500. Link:

If you want to surprise your significant other with a truly unique engagement ring, the Lindenhurst ring is definitely one of a kind. In fact, this diamond engagement ring is a very rare antique piece, handcrafted during the Edwardian Era in the 1900s. The center stone is a 0.35-carat marquise cut diamond, which is surrounded by an intricate filigree. The marquise-shaped frame is adorned with diamonds on all sides. 

Tiffany Ring 

Price: $2,200. Link:

 The Tiffany ring is another classic and a great example of how a solitaire diamond can be more stunning than a cluster of diamonds. It’s signed by Tiffany & Co, and it features a 0.22-carat round brilliant-cut diamond, held by four prongs. The platinum ring is flat on both sides. The reason why solitaire diamond engagement rings never go out of style is that they have a way of standing out on your hand. 

Wheaton Ring 

Price: $3,500. Link:

The Wheaton ring is another vintage engagement ring with a traditional design. This engagement ring centers a 0.51-carat old European cut diamond. The ring’s shoulders and under-gallery also feature old European cut diamonds, which make it even more beautiful. The diamond has VS2 clarity and J color, which falls in the nearly colorless category. Vintage diamond engagement rings like this one are very popular, and they can easily fit any bride-to-be’s fashion sense. 

Southwell Ring 

Price: $3,200. Link:

For future brides who want an extravagant engagement ring that will capture everyone’s attention, take a look at the Southwell ring. What makes this engagement ring stand out is its enchanting vintage design. In fact, the ring is an original vintage piece, handcrafted circa 1945. Its central stone is a 0.46-carat old European cut diamond. What’s more, it also features marquise-cut diamonds and single-cut diamonds on the shoulders. Not only is the diamond GIA certified, but it also has a G color, putting it in a class of its own. 

Heathrow Ring 

GS541-arts Diamond Engagement Rings for 3000

Price: $3,500. Link:

If you’re looking for a halo-style engagement ring, then the Heathrow ring is definitely an option worth considering. While solitaire diamond engagement rings are classic, halo-style engagement rings are currently very popular. The Heathrow ring centers a 0.40-carat old European-cut diamond, which is surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds. This ring also has an impressive under-gallery, featuring an intricate pattern. This low-profile ring is platinum. 

Lakewood Ring

Price: $3,200. Link:

For those who want their ring to have a dramatic effect, the Lakewood ring won’t disappoint you. It’s made for lovers of diamond and yellow gold combinations. The Lakewood ring is set in platinum on 18k yellow gold, and it was handcrafted in the 1950s. What also makes this vintage French mid-century ring special is its navette shape, which is covered with brilliant-cut diamonds. All the diamonds on the ring’s surface together weigh 1.50 carats. 

Worcester Ring 

R232-Artistic Diamond Engagement Ring for 3k

Price: $3,600. Link:

If you’re a fan of the Art Deco era, the Worcester ring might be the right option for you. This engagement ring centers a 0.65-carat old mine-cut diamond, which is rare nowadays. Moreover, both sides of the ring are adorned by a row of diamonds. The ring is a genuine Art Deco piece, made in the 1920s. It’s the solution for those who want an elegant ring with a hint of bold, modern accents. 

Lamego Ring

Price: $3,200. Link:

The Lamego ring is meant for future brides who want a unique, bold diamond engagement ring. It’s another engagement ring that perfectly captures the diamond-yellow gold combo. There are many details that make this ring special – the 0.45-carat old mine cut diamond cluster ring, the antique diamond halo, and the Victorian Era-inspired design. It’s set in handcrafted silver on gold, creating sharp color contrast. Together with the diamonds on the ring’s shoulders, this diamond cluster weighs 0.97 carats. 

Lumier Ring

Price: $3,500. Link:

With stunning details and intricate laced metalwork, the Lumier ring looks like it was made for royalty. It’s an original Art Deco ring that was handcrafted circa 1925. It’s topped with two old European-cut diamonds, each weighing 0.28 carats. The entire framework has so many details that it looks attractive from every angle. Additional smaller diamonds emphasize the beauty of this Art Deco engagement ring. 

Dorset Ring

Price: $3,800. Link:

If you’re in search of a color combination, then the Dorset ring might be an interesting choice. This engagement ring is from the Art Deco era, and it combines old European-cut diamonds and deep blue sapphires. The cluster of nine diamonds forms a navette shape, framed by a sapphire halo. It’s designed for those who don’t want to go with a safe choice but want an eye-catching engagement ring instead. 

Corbette Ring

Price: $2,800. Link:

The Corbette ring combines a ruby central stone, diamonds, and platinum on 18k yellow gold. The sugarloaf-cut natural ruby is bezel-set, and it weighs 0.75 carats. It’s adorned by a cluster of bezel-set single-cut diamonds, which are surrounded by another diamond halo. The Corbette ring is antique, and it comes from the Edwardian era, handcrafted somewhere around 1905. It’s definitely an engagement ring for lovers of vintage jewelry. 

Ogden Ring

Price: $2,500. Link:

For another bold color combination, let’s take a look at the Ogden ring. It’s the perfect choice for fans of Egyptian revival jewelry. At the very center, there’s a square natural emerald set between two triangle-cut diamonds. Framing the diamonds are four natural triangle-cut sapphires. The Egyptian figures on the ring’s shoulders mark the finishing touch. This vintage engagement ring was handcrafted in the 1950s. It’s not too big, so it can look good on both thin and wider fingers. 

Long Valley Ring

Price: $2,700. Link:

If you want an elegant engagement ring with a central stone that’s not a diamond, the Long Valley ring is a wonderful choice. It centers a 0.85-carat round-cut natural aquamarine stone that has soft blue color. What’s more, clusters of European-cut diamonds embellish both sides of the aquamarine. The engagement ring has a geometric shape and beautifully handcrafted engravings on the side. It was inspired by the Art Deco era. 

Ellington Ring

13301 Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring for $3500

Price: $3,500. Link:

The Ellington ring is another engagement ring with a non-diamond central stone. Instead, it features an impressive oval-cut natural sapphire. Framing the sapphire is a halo of round brilliant-cut diamonds, which make it stand out even more. The sapphire weighs approximately 1.93 carats, while the diamonds weigh 0.60 carats. What’s interesting about this vintage engagement ring is its bulky design, which makes it look better on thin fingers. 

Sardinia Ring 

Price: $2,800. Link:

For those who want an engagement ring with an elegant design that also isn’t too flashy, the Sardinia ring might be the perfect choice for you. It centers an Asscher-cut aquamarine that weighs approximately 1.40 carats. Held by four prongs in each corner, the ring is set in platinum and diamond mounting. What makes it even more beautiful is the detailed engravings on the entire ring, along with smaller diamonds on the shoulders. 

  1. Thames Ring 

Price: $2,600 

The Thames ring is a great example of how diamonds and sapphires make an ideal combination. Paired with a round-cut aquamarine as the central stone, it truly makes a spectacular engagement ring any future bride would fall in love with. The aquamarine weighs 1 carat, and it’s framed by a halo of French-cut sapphires. Additional diamonds are set on the side of the halo, as well as on the ring’s shoulders. 

Montefiore Ring

Price: $2,200. Link:

The Montefiore ring is truly a unique piece. Everything about it is out of the ordinary – its geometric shape, the color combination, and the intricate details on the mounting and shoulders. At the very center is the prong-set 0.17- carat old European-cut diamond. Synthetic baguette-cut sapphires surround the diamond from all sides, combined with open-work motifs on the shoulders. Enchanting leaf designs are engraved on both sides of the diamond. The ring comes from the late Edwardian era, specifically circa 1918. 

Central Park Ring

Price: $3,600. Link:

Another engagement ring from the Art Deco era, the Central Park ring combines diamonds and sapphires. It centers a 0.50-carat antique old European-cut diamond. Framing the diamond is a halo made from French-cut caliber natural sapphires, which weigh approximately 0.42 carats. Its glamour is further emphasized by 0.2-carat old European-cut diamonds on each side of the ring, which is handcrafted in platinum. The Central Park ring is definitely the ideal choice for those who want an elegant ring with a bold color combination. 

Aber Ring

Price: $2,500. Link:

The Aber ring centers an Asscher-cut natural aquamarine that has a lovely light blue color. With 1.12 carats and a diamond frame, this floral engagement ring would make a wonderful choice for any bride-to-be. The diamond halo weighs 0.52 carats, and it’s separated by eight prongs that hold the aquamarine. A row of smaller diamonds is set on both sides of the platinum ring, which flow together with the ring’s settings. 

Tallis Aquamarine Ring

Price: $2,400. Link:

The Tallis Aquamarine ring looks glamorous no matter which angle you look at it from. At the center of attention is a 1-carat natural aquamarine with an intense teal color and striking saturation. French-cut caliber sapphires make up the outer halo, while small diamonds encircle the sapphires from both sides. For the finishing touch, three diamonds are set on both shoulders of the ring. The sapphire weighs 0.40 carats, while the total weight of the diamonds is 0.04 carats. 

Clifden Ring

Price: $3,200. Link:

The elongated design and the detailed under-gallery make the Clifden ring the best choice for those who want a vintage appeal. An 0.89-carat aquamarine with an emerald cut certainly steals the show. What’s also impressive about this engagement ring is the platinum mounting, which is set with old European-cut diamonds. If you were to view it from upside down, you’d see the ring’s antique style open-work. Due to its east-west design, the Clifden ring is best suited for wide fingers. 

Burnell Ring

Price: $2,800. Link:

For lovers of round cuts and colored gemstones, the Burnell ring is definitely a choice worth considering. It features a round-cut natural aquamarine. Weighing approximately 1 carat, the aquamarine is framed by a halo of old European-cut diamonds, which emphasize a flawless pop of color. Additional diamonds are set on the platinum ring’s shoulders, and the intricate under-gallery makes it even more gorgeous. No matter from which side you look at it, the Burnell ring will take your breath away. 

Ramsey Ring

Price: $2,500. Link:

If you prefer a rosy-colored gemstone to blue ones, take a look at the Ramsey ring. The central stone is an antique cushion-cut garnet with a brownish-peach hue. Weighing an impressive 2.47 carats, the garnet is held by four prongs in each corner. To accentuate the ring’s beauty, three transitional-cut diamonds are set on each side. The Ramsey ring would look great on any skin tone and finger size. It’s meant for those who want a non-traditional engagement ring. 

Tiber Ring

Price: $2,500. Link:

If you want an engagement ring that will be the center of attention but still elegant, the Tiber ring might be what you have been looking for. It features a domed-style filigree and prongs that hold a lively 1.66-carat aquamarine. The 18k white gold ring also contains smaller diamonds on the shoulders. Dating back to 1935, this engagement ring is an antique. 

Westridge Ring

Price: $1,100. Link:

For those looking for a budget-friendly engagement ring, the Westridge ring is a great option. The solitaire platinum ring has knife-edge shoulders and a thin design, ideal for those who want a delicate engagement ring. What makes it even more appealing is the 1.10-carat natural aquamarine with intense saturation. For such a low price, this engagement ring is a wonderful choice. 

Littleton Ring

Price: $3,500. Link:

Emerald fans might want to take a look at the Littleton ring. Weighing 0.79 carats, the natural emerald has a geometric shape and a deep green hue. Its beauty is further accented by a halo of baguette-cut diamonds and round-cut diamonds. What’s more, this emerald ring is handcrafted in 14k white gold. The combination of green and white gold has been popular since ancient times, and it will never go out of style. 

Rhine Ring

Price: $1,800. Link:

Last, but not least, is the Rhine ring. This engagement ring combines a 1.75-carat aquamarine and diamond accents. The aquamarine’s dimensions are 7.99mm x 7.97mm, and it’s held by four prongs. Along the ring’s shoulders are small round brilliant-cut diamonds. Although the Rhine ring looks magnificent from the top view, when you view it from the side, you’ll see beautifully crafted open-work. 

Shopping for a diamond engagement ring from Estate Diamond Jewelry

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