Top 30 Boho Engagement Rings

High 30 Boho Engagement Rings

Boho engagement rings are for those who want something different. Engagement rings with a boho style usually come with colored gemstones, one-of-a-kind settings, and additional details that make them stand out. 

If you’re interested in boho engagement rings, this article is for you. Whether you like simple boho engagement rings or bold and colorful boho engagement rings, you’ll be able to find the perfect ring at Estate Diamond Jewelry.

What Are Boho Engagement Rings? 

Top Boho engagement Rings

Boho engagement rings are not like your everyday diamond and platinum rings. They often have a pop of color, an interesting design, and a soft glow. Jewelry stores usually offer gold and silver variants of boho engagement rings. It’s also possible to find vintage boho engagement rings, which are ideal if you want an engagement ring that no one else has. 

Top 30 Boho Engagement Rings

1. Bonhomme Ring

13262 Bonhomme Boho Engagement Ring

Price: $4,200

The Bonhomme Ring is an original Art Deco ring that centers a beautiful 2-carat sapphire. There are vertical rows of diamonds and emeralds on the ring’s shoulders. The center stone is bezel-set in a gold frame, and it has a cabochon cut. If you like vintage boho engagement rings, this platinum-set ring comes with French hallmarks from 1920.

2. Sydney Ring

13598 Sydney Ring

Price: $8,000

For lovers of gold and diamond combinations, the Sydney ring is charming and one-of-a-kind. It features detailed leaf motifs on both shoulders. The star of the show is an antique 1.16-carat old European-cut diamond. It sits 5.50mm above the finger, set in 18k yellow gold. There are tiny round diamonds in each golden leaf. 

3. Cenon Ring

13224 Boho Cenon Turquoise and Pearl ring

Price: $2,800

If you like boho engagement rings that stand out, the Cenon Ring will take your breath away. It’s an antique navette ring with three center-seed pearls and a turquoise border. It measures 20.92mm x 8.98mm, and it’s set in 18k yellow gold. The turquoise-gold combination makes this ring quite unique. It’s also vintage, handcrafted during the Georgian era.

4. Tolu Ring

13009 Tolu Vintage Boho Emerald and Diamond Ring

Price: $6,000

If you prefer boho engagement rings with colored gemstone as the center stone, check out the Tolu ring. At the very center of the ring is a natural 1.84-carat emerald, framed by a square halo of pave-set European cut diamonds. The gold on platinum ring features a wide, open gallery that can be observed from the side. 

5. Newnan Ring

13854 Newman Ring

Price: $3,200 

Measuring 22.22mm x 8.71mm, the Newnan ring is perfect for those with long, wide fingers. The ring has an elongated shape, centering a 0.15-carat old European cut diamond. On both sides of the diamond are French-cut sapphires. It was handcrafted in 18k yellow gold in 1900, during the Edwardian Era. The ruby-diamond-yellow gold combination makes this ring perfect for someone who likes unique jewelry. 

6. Lucerne Ring

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13865 Lucerne Ring

Price: $2,800

This antique Art Nouveau ring features three old mine cut diamonds set in a diagonal row. The diamonds have combined weight of 0.90 carats. A swirled open-work design set with rose cut diamonds surrounds the center stones and which evokes a boho style.

The ring’s dimensions are approximately 20.73mm x 14.60mm.

7. Wyoming Ring

13573 Wyoming Ring

Price: $1,100

For those who prefer minimalist boho engagement rings, the Wyoming ring is simple yet stunning. The center gemstone is a lively aquamarine, which has a cushion cut and 2 carats. There are two bezel-set sapphires on each side of the aquamarine, creating a sharp contrast. It sits 5.83mm above the finger, and it can be resized at no additional cost. 

8. Chard Ring

14218 Chard Ring

Price: $4,500

This vintage engagement ring features a boho floral motif diamond cluster with a GIA-certified 1.00 carat old European cut diamond. A cluster of old European cut diamonds surrounds the center stone. The total diamond weight of this ring is 3.60 carats. The elongated 18k yellow gold mounting bears French hallmarks. This ring was handcrafted in France circa 1960. 

9. Alameda Ring

DYL22 Marquise Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $7,800

Lovers of simple boho engagement rings should take a look at the Alameda ring. It has a minimalistic design, featuring a marquise cut fancy yellow diamond. The center stone has 1.01 carats and comes with a GIA certification. Six golden prongs hold the yellow diamond, while the ring is 18k yellow gold set on platinum with tapered baguette diamonds adorning the shoulders. 

10. Boucheron Ring

SB770 Boucheron Boho Engagement Ring

Price: $20,000

The Boucheron ring is a beautiful 18k yellow gold engagement ring. It centers a 1.06-carat round brilliant cut diamond, which is surrounded by a halo of smaller round-cut diamonds. What makes this engagement ring so desirable is the superb gold-diamond contrast and the fact that it was signed by Boucheron in France in 1980. 

11. Westbury Ring

YK107 Westbury Boho sapphire and diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $9,500

Thanks to its elongated north-south design, the Westbury ring stands out from the rest. Instead of a diamond as the center stone, the ring features a natural cushion-cut sapphire. The gemstone weighs 1 carat, and it has a deep blue saturation. There are two more diamonds, one above the sapphire and the other under it. A rectangle-shaped halo surrounds the three stones. 

12. Califon Ring

13496 Califon Boho Retro Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $3,800

If you’re looking for simple boho engagement rings, the Califon ring hits that sweet spot between simplicity and charm. It’s vintage, made in the Retro era in the 1940s. The center diamond weighs 0.75 carats, and it has J color and VS2 clarity. It’s handcrafted in 14k white gold. 

13. Somerville Ring

13134 Somerville Engagement Ring

Price: $10,800

The Somerville ring is a beautiful engagement ring with a simple yet striking design. An eye-catching, old European cut 1.38-carat diamond is the center stone. It’s set in 18k yellow gold, creating a gentle but noticeable contrast. Additional smaller diamonds decorate the ring’s under-gallery and shoulders. 

14. Barrow Ring

11773 Barrow Vintage Yellow Diamond Engagement

Price: $39,600

There’s something magical about the Barrow ring, and it’s not just the 1.15-carat fancy color diamond. Its color is a combination of yellow and green. The diamond is bezel-set, and it’s framed by an Asscher-cut halo, which is adorned by round-cut and baguette-cut diamonds. It has a low profile, and it sits 4.50mm above the finger. 

15. Littleton Ring

13259 Littleton Emerald and Diamond Ring

Price: $3,500

The Littleton ring combines baguette-cut diamonds and a lively green natural emerald at the center. There are smaller round-cut diamonds on the ring’s shoulders. The emerald weighs 0.79 carats, while the diamonds have 0.54 carats in total. Note that the ring measures 9.60mm x 8.35mm, and it can be resized to any finger size at no additional cost. 

16. Plano Ring

13762 Plano Ruby and Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $17,000

The Plano ring is the perfect choice for those who like a splash of color. It has a perfectly round shape, featuring a 1.59-carat diamond with K color and VS1 clarity. A round halo of French cut natural sapphires surrounds the diamond. You’ll notice an open-work filigree under the diamond. 

17. Rochfort Ring

13499 Rochfort Vintage Boho Engagement Ring

Price: $4,000 

If you like vintage boho engagement rings, you might like the Rochfort ring. It has a unique design with hand-engraved prongs and floral motifs on the shoulders. The center diamond has 0.60 carats, an old European cut, I color, and VS2 clarity. Handcrafted in 1915 in France, this engagement ring is antique. 

18. Covelo Ring

13932 Covelo Boho Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring

Price: $3,000

of pink sapphires should check out the Covelo ring, a beautiful sapphire engagement ring. The prong-set round cut pink sapphire is the center of attention, weighing 1.20 carats. Two pear-shaped blue sapphires are set on both sides of the pink center stone. There are detailed hand engravings surrounding the three sapphires, along with two round brilliant diamonds. 

19. Arcadia Ring

13909 Arcadia Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $5,000

The Arcadia ring centers a 1.01-carat natural emerald with an intense green hue. Smaller baguette cut diamonds adorn the emerald cut halo. There are additional diamonds on the ring’s shoulders. Together, the diamonds weigh 0.58 carats. Measuring approximately 11.42mm x 9.85mm, this boho-style engagement ring would look wonderful on anyone’s hand. 

20. Orsay Ring

11767 Orsay Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $6,500

If you adore fancy-color diamonds, the Orsay ring comes with a 1.12-carat champagne-color diamond. Around the fancy-color diamond is a halo of old-cut white diamonds, which have a total carat weight of 0.32 carats. The ring measures 10.55mm x 10.90mm, it’s set in platinum, and it comes with a UGL appraisal. 

21. Tennyson Ring

14050 Tennyson Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $6,000

Those searching for minimalistic boho engagement rings with colored gemstones should consider the Tennyson ring. This engagement ring combines an emerald center stone, gold prongs, and platinum settings. Not to mention that it features two trillion-cut diamonds on both sides. This ring would look perfect on wide fingers. 

22. Bellington Ring

14252 Bellington Boho Aquamarine 
Engagement Ring

Price: $1,800

If you prefer platinum to yellow gold settings, the Bellington ring is definitely worth considering. What makes it so appealing is the 1-carat round-cut prong-set aquamarine. The gemstone has a dreamy blue color, and it sits between small leaves on both shoulders. There is a small old European cut diamond in every leaf. 

23. Howden Ring

12188 Howden Marquis Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $4,500

For those who want a colorless engagement ring, the Howden ring is a beautiful option. It features a marquise cut 0.67-carat diamond and a halo that follows its shape. The ring has a low profile and an elongated shape, perfect for long fingers. It measures 14.37mm x 9.43mm.

24. Westbrook Ring 

13853 Westbrook Aquamarine and 
Ruby Engagement Ring

Price: $1,500

If you prefer colorful boho engagement rings, take a look at the Westbrook ring. The ring is handcrafted in 18k yellow gold, featuring an aquamarine as the center stone and two bezel-set rubies. Four prongs hold the aquamarine, which weighs 1.65 carats. The two rubies have a baguette cut, making the blue aquamarine pop. 

25. Cyprus Ring

14052 Cyprus Diamond and Ruby Engagement Ring

Price: $8,500

If you would like a diamond variant of the Westbrook ring, the Cyprus ring is what you’re looking for. The diamond has 1.52 carats, an old European cut, I color, and SI2 clarity. This ring also features two baguette cut rubies, which sit on an 18k yellow gold mounting. 

26. Bennett Ring

13226 Bennett Antique Citrine Engagement Ring

Price: $3,200

The Bennett ring is for those who like large, statement pieces. The rose gold ring centers a cushion-cut 2-carat citrine. What makes it unique is the pearl halo, which consists of 13 natural pearls. This is an antique engagement ring, handcrafted somewhere between 1820 and 1840. 

27. Tiffany Three Stone Ring

14195 Tiffany Three Stone Ring

Price: $8,000

The Tiffany Three Stone ring is for those who want a pop of color on their engagement ring. A 1-carat natural sapphire is the center stone, which sits between two round brilliant cut diamonds. Each diamond weighs 0.25. What’s more, it’s a signed Tiffany & Co. ring. 

28. Brunswick Ring

13857 Brunswick Antique Georgian Ring

Price: $2,700

The Brunswick ring embodies what boho style truly means. It’s also the perfect combination of boho and vintage. The elongated mounting features three diamonds, with the center diamond weighing 0.30 carats. This is an antique engagement ring from the Georgian era. It measures 17.90mm x 10.14mm.

29. Corliss Ring

14008 Corliss Citrine Engagement Ring

Price: $1,500

If you want a ring with a larger gemstone, take a look at the Corliss ring. The center stone is a 2.97-carat oval-cut citrine with a warm yellow color. A cluster of round brilliant cut diamonds adorns each shoulder. This ring is handcrafted in 18k yellow gold, which perfectly complements the yellow citrine. 

30. Florham Ring

D5140 Florham Boho Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $25,000

The Florham ring is for those who like bold jewelry. Open-work filigree and small diamonds are set on the mounting, which centers an amazing 1.54-carat fancy intense yellow diamond. The diamond comes with a GIA certification, and it has an oval cut and SI1 clarity. It would look good on someone with wide fingers. 

How to Mix Vintage and Bohemian 

13977 London Boho Engagement Ring

Bohemian and vintage styles complement each other, which is best seen in jewelry. They have many elements in common, with unique appearances, detailed settings, and colored gemstones being some of them. While platinum is better suited for modern jewelry, yellow and white gold is ideal for vintage boho jewelry. Adding colored gemstones is another way to mix vintage and bohemian. 

Estate Diamond Jewelry offers a variety of vintage boho engagement rings that can meet everyone’s requirements. 

Talk to a Jewelry Expert

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It’s not easy to find the perfect engagement ring, even if you have a specific style in mind. When it comes to boho engagement rings, they come in various designs, so you need to know exactly what you’re looking for. 

If you’re interested in some of the vintage boho engagement rings from this guide, feel free to contact us. Additionally, if you have questions about boho engagement rings, you should talk to an EDJ diamond expert. 

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