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High 15 concepts for a 10 12 months anniversary present

Ten years of marriage deserve a remarkable celebration. A decade can change a lot, and you both deserve applause for standing the test of time. However, it can be difficult to find a gift worthy of such a celebration. When the big day comes and you’re lacking ideas, we’re here to help.

In this guide, we’ve listed 15 anniversary gift ideas for every budget and leisure preference – from dynamic to relaxing activities. Read on to find out the 15 best 10th anniversary gift ideas.

1. Travel to your honeymoon destination

Holiday for the 10th anniversary

Escape the routine and everyday worries – immerse yourself in memories of your honeymoon. No matter where you’ve spent it – on a tropical island or in a nearby village, it’s all about reviving the feelings you felt after your wedding. You don’t have to buy airline tickets for the day after your anniversary.

Plan the trip and reveal it during the feast or in the morning. You can even make it a family tradition – visit your honeymoon destination every ten years.

2. Ship cruise

Cruise ship holiday gift for the 10th anniversary

Sometimes your honeymoon destination isn’t an option. Maybe it’s just too far, too expensive, or you just want to go somewhere else. A trip on a cruise ship is a luxurious experience that is well worth your tenth anniversary.

Some cruise lines offer suites that are just as comfortable and beautiful as suites in the best hotels in the world. Treat yourself to fine dining and spa experiences and admire the endless ocean horizon.

A ship cruise is a great gift for Titanic fans – just as romantic, but with a happy ending.

3. Sapphire jewelry

Cartier Sapphire Ring Gift for the 10th yearA sapphire ring from our Cocktail Ring collection

Blue sapphires make a great traditional gift alternative to diamonds for the 10th anniversary. When it is impossible to escape the routine for a trip, check out our range of sapphire rings.

Located just below diamonds on the Mohs scale, sapphires symbolize the wisdom and loyalty that are so important in a marriage.

These gemstones are the common choice of many members of the European royal family. Pick a piece of jewelry that you prefer – it can be a cocktail ring with a stunning Ceylon sapphire, or modest earrings to match your significant other’s engagement ring.

4. Upgrade the engagement ring

Engagement ring made of three stones

Style choices and income can change over a decade. An engagement ring upgrade is a great way to show that after ten years you still cherish someone as or even more than you did on your wedding day.

This option has practical implications as well – fingers can widen over time, but widening the ligament is not always possible. You can change the diamond in your engagement ring to a higher carat or buy a completely new ring. However, this option requires either discussion or an in-depth understanding of your second half’s view of engagement rings.

Please note: An engagement ring can have deep sentimental value, which means some people won’t even want to change it for a better one.

5. A day trip

Day trip for the romantic anniversary

A long vacation is not always an option. However, this does not mean that you have to stay home. Take a day trip to one of the most beautiful places your country has to offer. You can prepare homemade food and have a picnic or explore the forests and mountains.

If the weather is nice, go to a beach. The place might be new to both of you or it might be your favorite place to go for weekends. When you travel in your country, you also learn to appreciate your home.

6. Observe

Look out for an anniversary present

A watch is a practical and symbolic gift at the same time. It represents the decade you spent together and your future. Depending on your budget, choose a watch – it could be a prestigious gold Buccellati watch set with diamonds or a smartwatch with a fitness tracker that is compatible with a mobile device.

7. Diamond earrings

11304 Old European stud earrings

Diamonds are a traditional gift for a ten-year anniversary. If upgrading an engagement ring is too extreme for you, find matching diamond earrings. The earrings could be bold and best for special occasions (like your anniversary) or modest and elegant for every day.

Be sure to follow our guide on buying diamonds to find the perfect pair. Diamond earrings are sure to be a gift that will remind your second half of the ten year anniversary for years to come and a piece that could be passed on to future generations.

8. A time capsule

Couple making time capsule for anniversary

A time capsule is a fun and sentimental way to celebrate your anniversary. Collect photos and little things that bring back memories of great days or write letters to your future self and bury the capsule in your yard or somewhere safe in your house.

A capsule can be anything – an ordinary glass or a specially designed container in which the things it contains will not fall apart. You can open the time capsule on one of your next anniversaries – a year, five, or ten – and remember days gone by.

9. Vintage piece of jewelry

rare natural pearl necklace

Vintage jewelry is unique. Hence, they make a great gift for a unique person. Check out our guide to the ancient jewelry era to find a piece that best suits your significant other’s style. Jewelry from the Victorian period is often characterized by fine openwork and fine details.

The Art Deco era is famous for angular geometric shapes and unexpected combinations. Retro-era jewelry looks contemporary, but often features small details that are not used in today’s manufacturing.

Make a vintage piece of jewelry in your family heirloom that will be passed on to your children.

10. A painting of your second half

Custom painting for anniversary gift

If your significant other admires art, order an individual painting of you or both of you together. Many painters offer to make a copy of a photo – there is no need to spend days modeling in front of an artist as it was centuries ago.

The picture could be small and fit in a frame on your bedside table, or it could be a portrait that takes up an entire wall in your home. You can choose any style from ultra-realism to fun caricature. The possibilities are endless.

11. Ride in a hot air balloon

Hot air balloon romantic gift for the anniversary

A ride in a hot air balloon is just as romantic as a ride on a cruise ship, but more dynamic and new. Consider the option if you enjoy trying new activities and aren’t afraid of heights. Some hot air balloons offer a dining option – you can enjoy amazing views and great food at the same time.

You could go even more extreme and choose a skydive or scuba diving. Discovering something new together is always fun and much less scary than alone.

12. Custom made jewelry

Old European cut diamond engagement ring

This idea can come with the engagement ring upgrade and diamond earring option. If you can’t find the perfect piece of jewelry in stores or online, design one yourself.

You can tweak minor details in an existing item or ask a jeweler to create one from scratch. Think about your second half’s favorite colors, their style, and what goes with their engagement ring. Then mix the elements together to create a truly unique piece.

If you have an idea for a custom jewelry idea, please contact our helpful staff.

13. Lessons

We never stop learning. Maybe your significant other mentioned something they’d like to try but never got a chance. Buy a lesson or a full course – it can be anything from painting to blacksmithing.

The new ability will stay in your second half forever, reminding them of your anniversary. You can also choose a lesson for both of you – dancing, for example. Some chefs offer to teach you how to cook from the comfort of your home – a great way to connect and enjoy an anniversary dinner.

14. Go to a concert

Concert for the 10th anniversary

Collect memories, not things – go to a concert together. It could be an opera, a comedy show, or anything else that you both enjoy. Going out is a great alternative to an anniversary dinner at home.

Some concert halls offer a menu or you can go to the restaurant of your choice after your meal. In addition, a concert is a valid reason to wear exquisite jewelry.

15. Recreate your first date

Couple on a date

An anniversary gift doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It doesn’t even have to be something physical. Recreate your first date – watch the same movie and order the same food. Remind each other why you fell in love. If it is not possible to visit the exact same place, a similar place might be a suitable alternative. The key is to revive that special moment from 10 years ago.

A unique gift for a unique person

Hopefully you have found the perfect gift among our top 15 ideas for your tenth anniversary. Some prefer traditional options like diamond earrings, others – more modern options like an engagement ring upgrade. You could opt for a gift with more sentimental than materialistic value and experience something new together. The most important thing is to choose a gift that suits your significant other’s personality and that both of you will enjoy.

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