Getting Engaged Time to Send Him Your Wish List

Get engaged? Time to ship him your want checklist!

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Wherever you’ve got engaged or recently proposed, we’re sure there will be butterflies in your stomach and goose bumps all over your body, just as they should be! Finally, you are embarking on the most promising journey of your life. Now that you are ready to leave it behind and join your soulmate for years to come, don’t you think you deserve some gifts from him or her? Given that most men don’t get subtle pointers, how about sending him an actual wish list? That way, he knows what you want and you get what you want. A real win-win situation, isn’t it? Well, at least for you. 😀

While you can make adjustments to your liking, we’ve put together a wish list that you can either take ideas from or use as-is. So let’s not wait any longer before we start immersing ourselves in the excitement that awaits us.

Engagement party

Item 1 of the wish list – organize a festive party

Now that you’ve decided on your life partner, you can’t wait to tell all of your loved ones about it. But instead of over the phone or social media, why not have a little get-together and celebrate this happy occasion with them in person. We are sure this is a request that your special someone would love to fulfill.

Date nights

Wish list item 2 – Date Nights

Once you are engaged, over the time you devote to wedding planning, you will be attending numerous family events that you must attend. That would mean not having time for each other. To avoid this situation, you can ask your future groom to meet you, either weekly, fortnightly, or at least once a month. This will help you spend our time together, away from the clutter of everything that is going on at home.

Solo too much for engagement party

Item 3 of the wish list – a solo trip

Since you’ve already dedicated your life to someone special why not spend some time alone before you take the final leap with them. You can ask him to plan a solo trip to your favorite destination for you. Whether you are looking for a place of solitude or a place full of adventure, one thing is certain – spending time with yourself will prove to be more than blissful!

Engagement ring designs

Wish list item 4 – An engagement ring of your choice

If you haven’t got the ring yet, ask them to buy the engagement ring that you kept your eyes on. Since you will wear the ring for the rest of your life, it is only justified to want to have a say in the design as well as the color, cut and shape of the diamond. Also, if you choose the ring, it will definitely suit you better. If he agrees, simply choose from the numerous engagement ring designs online and order!

Item 5 of the wish list – choose the honeymoon destination

By the time you get engaged, you probably already have your honeymoon and even the honeymoon pictures you want! So, spill the beans on him. Chances are, he’ll love your idea and get involved with it. Even if he doesn’t, you can work out a destination that you both love and start your journey of togetherness with a bang!

While we may not be able to help you with your entire wish list, we can certainly help you with the best engagement rings. Our team at KuberBox understands the importance of jewelry not only from a stylistic point of view, but also from the emotional value it has for an expectant bride. Therefore, we leave no stone unturned to offer you a special selection of ornaments, especially in connection with your wedding ceremony – from engagement rings to couple bracelets, from Mangal Sutra to bangles and more! Elaborate designs, fine craftsmanship and the use of pure gold, valuable diamonds and precious stones – at KuberBox our bridal jewelry collection has it all.

  1. Do couples choose engagement rings together?

Yes indeed! Unless the bride or groom wants their ring to be a surprise, it is becoming more and more common for couples to choose the engagement rings and wedding rings together. Not only does this make it a romantic endeavor for the couple, but it also ensures that both sides have their say on the designs, which makes the rings that much more personable.

  1. How do I find engagement ring designs online?

While Pinterest is the platform of choice for many new couples when it comes to finding alluring engagement ring designs, you can also count on the exquisite collection of engagement rings on KuberBox. For what it’s worth, the site has some stunning couple band designs too!

  1. What is the most popular diamond for engagement rings?

The round brilliant cut is the diamond that is extremely popular for engagement rings, and not without compelling reasons. From its round shape, which helps it reflect more light, to its unmatched sparkle and luster, a round cut diamond offers everything a future bride could want. While the labor-intensive process of cutting and shaping it is rather expensive, its sheer glitter makes up for the price; Not to mention the indelible smile it puts on the wearer’s face!

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