Types of Earrings at Kuber Box - Infographic 2021

Forms of Earrings at Kuber Field – Infographic 2021

Every modern woman needs to maintain a wardrobe in which she can dress up seamlessly for the occasion. Whether it’s a day out with her gang of girls or a formal event, whether it’s a dinner or a wedding reception, the right type of earring can help her create the look she wants. At KuberBox we understand this basic need and therefore offer a wide range of earrings that can be easily divided into the following categories:


If a lady could only have one type of earring, we would wholeheartedly recommend that she go for stud earrings. Ear studs not only have the power to give the face an incomparable elegance, but are also extremely versatile! They look great on work wear, casual wear, ethnic wear, and evening wear, making them a favorite among everyone!


When it comes to creating the perfect look for a semi-formal occasion, nothing works as charmingly as some intricately crafted jhumkas! Jhumkas are an extremely desirable feminine charm and a must for every woman.

Hoops and J Hoops

There are times when you just can’t decide what to pair with your outfit. During these times, hoop earrings will help you by providing you with a look that is not only pleasant but also simply adorable!

Teardrop earrings

Teardrop earrings offer a perfect blend of tradition and fashion with the perfect blend of charm and style, and are great for almost any occasion to think of. From a day at the office to an evening with friends and more – earrings are the finest choice for women of all ages!

Gemstone earrings

When it comes to making a fashion statement, you can’t go wrong with gemstone earrings! Regardless of the occasion, whether it’s a formal get-together or a casual getaway, a party or a wedding, one thing that goes seamlessly with the theme is two stunning gemstone earrings.

Types of earrings at Kuberbox

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