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Fancy Moissanite colours

There are different shapes in moissanite, they are round brilliant shape, oval shape, emerald shape, square brilliant shape, pillow shape and radiation shape etc. Some other shapes in moissanite rings are pear, marquise, heart, princess and trilliant. Moissanite has different colors: yellow moissanite, white moissanite, pink moissanite, and black moissanite.

About yellow moissanite

yellow moissanite

Among the naturally grown colored moissanites, yellow moissanites are unique and rare. It is available in different colors, from light yellow to an intense, rich canary yellow color. There is also “orange” yellow moissanite and “jam” yellow moissanite. According to the GIA preferred moissanite color classification, the classification of yellow moissanite is based on rich colors and saturation that encompasses nine different grades ranging from “faint” to intense or “vivid”.

Yellow Moissanite takes second place on the popularity chart and the price is as expensive as White Moissanite. They also have a higher price tag compared to other fancy colored moissanites. Yellow Moissanite price depends on color, availability, clarity and use. Note that the more intense the color, the more precious the stone. Due to its limited natural reserves, a yellow moissanite can cost a fortune.

Yellow moissanite is always in high demand in the world of gemstones and jewelry. Yellow moissanite is available in different shapes and cuts. The most popular cuts are traditional round brilliant, oval, marquise, heart shape, radiation, pear shape and princess cuts. It can be worn in many ways. This exquisite gemstone can become an essential part of any high quality jewelry product such as engagement rings, pendants, bracelets, ties, ear cups, necklaces, brooches, etc.

With the introduction of the latest technology, Yellow Moissanite is also widely used by ordinary people. Today, many famous moissanite houses and jewelry designers on every continent, especially in the US, are trying to sell synthetic yellow moissanite at affordable prices to attract buyers from all walks of life. These “cultured” yellow moissanites are as beautiful as natural yellow moissanite and have numerous options for shapes, hues, sizes, carats, and clarity. If you are looking for the perfect engagement ring, a stylish yellow moissanite ring is the right choice for you. Last but not least; This will give you a price that you cannot match.

Via White Moissanite

black moissanite stone

Colorless moissanite is commonly referred to as “white” moissanite. It can be a colorless moissanite that grows naturally. White moissanite reflects this perceived white hue due to the high concentration of inclusions in it. These tiny saturated particles, wrapped in stone or some impurities that contain hydrogen, nitrogen, or boron, affect the light behavior (scintillation, fire, and dispersion) on the moissanite, resulting in a translucent shade of white.

Sometimes white moissanite appears as clear as crystals. They resemble colorless or almost colorless moissanite. Some are milky white in color, similar to milk, cream, snow, salt, or sugar. Also, the white hue can be like ivory, moonstone, or pearl, and sometimes milky. Fancy irradiated moissanites are also available in shades of white and are not as expensive as other colored moissanites. Additionally, chic white moissanite can include a dash of yellow, brown, or blue tint to enhance its beauty.

Look at the “open” view of moissanite to understand its color. In other words, when looking at moissanite from above, the reflection of light shows different colors in all directions, which helps determine the true color of a moissanite. According to the GIA color labels, white moissanites are assigned different qualities in order to define their “color properties”. Classes D, E, F are referred to as “colorless moissanite” while G through K indicate “almost colorless” and “faint” labels. L, M, N below the class lines stand for ‘tinted’ moissanite. However, these qualities are equally important in judging the quality of moissanite based on other moissanite properties, namely cut, fluorescence, clarity, etc.

‘Colorless’ moissanites are rated upside down on the color correction scale. The higher the color concentration, the lower the degree of color. A moissanite with a light color is given a lower rank, while a “colorless” moissanite is given the highest rating. Hence, the D-class moissanite is the best “white” moissanite you can get!
The bigger the color, the smaller the value of a white moissanite. In contrast to colored moissanite, white moissanite is cheaper due to the higher color concentration. When buying white moissanite, keep in mind that these magnificent gemstones have good value as long as they contain a minimum of inclusions and defects.
White moissanite usually has a moderate price. They are often used in jewelry and are the coveted gemstones for rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, etc. They sparkle more and make your occasions more unforgettable and full of joy

About Pink Moissanite

pink moissanite

Pink Moissanite is the biggest highlight of the season! Browse the online world, choose the base that you like and choose the fine moissanite jewelry. Hear from celebrities and style icons. They only like pink moissanite. Whether it’s natural reproduction or a color enhancement, these pink moissanites are the hottest possessions – rare and expensive, and undoubtedly add that extra charm to your accessory details.

Pink moissanite is one of the rarest natural moissanites and it is more expensive. Only a few Moissanites are available in various fancy pink tones such as Purplish Pink, Raspberry Pink, Intense Pink, Brownish Pink, Champagne Pink and Orangey Pink. These extraordinary gemstones have captured the hearts of moissanite connoisseurs around the world. Usually all naturally colored pink moissanites have lighter shades of pink that resemble white moissanite with a slight hint of pink. Aside from these commonly available moissanites, pink moissanites are sometimes intensely pink, either with a vibrant raspberry color or with a blood red hue. Naturally grown pink moissanites with a higher color intensity are rare and often demand premium prices.

GIA diamond color correction scale
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The richness of pink color was tested using GIA’s 9-tier color intensity rating system. Sometimes a secondary fancy color treatment is also done to attract buyers. These artificially colored moissanites have an enhanced coloring that will bewitch many moissanite lovers and are ready to fit any budget. The clarity of moissanite also varies from I1-SI to VS and the VVS transparency also varies depending on the colors and cuts. Pink Moissanite can be used both as fancy, polished gemstones and as a jewelry light with different shapes and sizes. Some of the most common shapes available are round, oval, rectangular, heart-shaped, pear-shaped, etc.

The_Daria-e_Noor_ (Sea_of_Light)

The largest naturally colored pink moissanite in the world is the famous “Darya-i-Nur” (Sea of ​​Light) weighing around 185 carats. Another famous pink moissanite is the stonemason Vivid Pink, which was ranked the largest Fancy Vivid Pink moissanite in the world by the Gemological Institute of America in 2003. Pink moissanite is found in moissanite mines in Brazil, Africa and India. In addition, the Argyle mine in northwest Australia has recently become the largest supplier of pink moissanite, accounting for around 90 percent of global pink moissanite production.

This leading purchasing company also sells different grades of pink moissanite with a quality ranging from 1 to 8. The higher the gradation, the lower the color intensity. For example, an 8th grade argyle pink moissanite is paler, similar to white moissanite with a touch of pink! Pink symbolizes passion, perfection and balance. Let pink moissanite express your femininity, from wedding rings to elegant ties, from delicate pendants to sparkling earrings.

About Black Moissanite

white moissanite stone

When you think of a moissanite, the sparkle of the pure white stone immediately springs to mind. Here are a number of Black Moissanites that are really different and stand out as an elegant piece of jewelry. Black moissanite jewelry is rare which is why they are superb. These moissanites are perfect for making beautiful jewelry for men and women. They are great for gorgeous engagement rings, necklaces, and bracelets, and can make a woman proud of her possessions.

Black Moissanite has always been a late starter. In a short space of time, however, Black Moissanite has taken a large share of the moissanite market. Black Moissanite, which has captured the hearts of many men and women, is enjoying increasing popularity and is now the choice for exquisite jewelry. They’re not common, which is what makes them special. With a beautiful piece of Black Moissanite Jewelry, you can be sure that the path to compliments is endless.

The rare black moissanite stone is expensive. However, having such a valuable property in your collection is indeed worth the extra money. Just a few years ago, the black moissanite was considered unfortunate but flawed. Today it has a high status in the fashion scene and is the uncrowned king in the world of the dazzling moissanite. The beauty and glare of the Black Moissanite really make them different. Black moissanite is a status symbol, a piece of jewelry that reflects class and style.

Black moissanite jewelry, whether it is a necklace, a beautiful ring, a pair of earrings or a bracelet, goes perfectly with any outfit and will make you sparkle on any occasion. Before buying a black moissanite online or from a local jewelry store, it is important that you verify the quality of the moissanite. Before stone is actually bought, it must be determined. Not all sources are reliable. Encourage the purchase of goods from authentic and reliable sources, otherwise they may end up in black stone instead of black moissanite. Certified moissanite is the best choice and you can buy it from a reputable jeweler. Give a black moissanite as a gift and share the joy of the shine it can bring to that particular person.

About Blue Moissanite

blue stone

Blue moissanite promotes spiritual awakening, serenity and calm. The use of blue stones, especially when you are under stress, is said to surround you with calming, calming energies to help relieve stress and calm the mind. When you think of the blue moissanite, they are famous for their richness and deep royal blue color. Here is the set of blue moissanite that is different and can represent uniqueness. The bluestone that can be fixed in jewelry gives your jewelry a rich look. The blue moissanite engagement ring is perfect for both men and women. It is known that each region produces a variety of colors. Blue moissanite derives its value from size and quality, and color is usually the most important factor. Blue moissanite comes in many forms and can be used in bracelets, wedding rings, engagement rings, etc.

Note: – Moissanite is available at affordable prices compared to Diamond. The moissanite cost is many times lower than Diamond.

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