Birthstone Rings for Mom

Birthstone Rings for Mother

Not only are birthstones a mesmerizing and elegant gift, but some stones are thought to offer protection and even healing to the wearer. It’s believed that a special bond or spiritual connection is developed between a piece of birthstone jewelry and its owner. This article looks at 35 breathtaking birthstone rings for mom to help you decide on a perfect gift for her.

No matter which month she was born, the rings in this list are sure to dazzle her for years to come. 

January Birthstone: Garnet 

G18903 Garnet Birthstone Ring in Box

Garnet is the January birthstone and symbolizes friendship and trust. It’s said to create peace, prosperity, and good health. Garnets are regeneration stones, offering positive energy to the wearer. They represent truth, faithfulness, faith, and protection when traveling. 

  1. January Birthstone Ring 

Price: $600. Learn more about the January Birthstone Ring. 

This exquisite oval-cut garnet ring is mounted on a 14k gold, four-prong setting. The garnet is centered by a row of four small round-cut diamonds on the shoulders. 

The January Birthstone Ring offers contrasting deep red and vibrant bright yellow tones for an eye-catching piece. 

If your mom’s birthday falls in January, a garnet birthstone ring is a perfect gift for her. The garnet is believed to transmit the energies of creativity, passion, joy, and peace. 

  1. Livonia Band 

Price: $1,800. Learn more about the Livonia Band. 

Perhaps she’d love a simple but elegant platinum channel-set eternity band. This ring features 1.46 carats of mint green garnet surrounded by a delicate milgrain detail. 

  1. Luce Ring 

Learn more about the Luce Ring. 

Another January birthstone ring is the Luce Ring. This antique-style ring from the Victorian era, circa 1880, features a step-cut, deep plum garnet stone. The gem weighs around 4.00 carats, and this valuable ring is surrounded by a collection of diamonds and more minor rose cuts. 

February Birthstone: Amethyst 

February’s birthstone, Amethyst, appears in tones of lilac to deep violet too, occasionally, red. “Amethyst” derives from a Greek term for “not drunk” (a methysto). The gem was worn for sound judgment and a clearer head. 

Today, alternative medicine practitioners use the gem to heal various body parts. The stone is rumored to have physical and mental healing properties. 

  1. Edmonton Ring

Price: $900. Learn more about the Edmonton Ring. 

Your mom will fall in love with this irresistible and simple ring. It features a lavender-purple amethyst gemstone in the center, smaller amethyst stones on each shoulder, and three white diamonds along the sides. The centered oval-cut stone weighs approximately 2.74 carats, and the total weight of the diamonds is 0.02 carats. 

  1. Brooklyn Ring 

Price: $880. Learn more about the Brooklyn Ring. 

This sophisticated 14k yellow gold ring mounts a beautiful violet amethyst gem centered by two pear-cut amethyst stones on either side and small diamonds along with the band.

  1. Bronx Ring

Price: $680. Learn more about the Bronx Ring. 

The Bronx Ring is another example of how stunning a February birthstone ring can be. It showcases three sparkling oval-cut violet amethyst gems mounted in a 14k rose gold band. It offers an openwork filigree design on the shoulders surrounded by delicate milgrain. 

March Birthstone: Aquamarine 

“Aquamarine” derives from the Latin “aqua marinus,” which refers to the tranquil blue color of the sea. It’s the primary birthstone for March. The gem is usually a pale blue or blue-green color, though its occasional deep blue tone is often mistaken for a sapphire. 

The aquamarine gemstone is known to help make the wearer feel at peace and is also believed to offer protection, courage, and confidence in all situations. 

  1. Vintage Aquamarine Ring

Learn more about the Vintage Aquamarine Ring. 

The Vintage Aquamarine Ring is a stunning ocean blue, emerald-cut gemstone ring embellished with diamonds along the side to accentuate it. This platinum piece was handcrafted during the Art Deco Era, circa 1930. The stone weighs approximately 2.10 carats. 

  1. Dewsbury Aquamarine Ring

Price: $4,500. Learn more about the Dewsbury Aquamarine Ring. 

Another classically elegant piece that mom may never want to take off. The handcrafted platinum Dewsbury Aquamarine Ring offers a 1.70-carat rectangular stone showing an intense teal hue. The stone sits in the center of old European-cut diamonds and two baguette-cut diamonds. 

  1. Woodlands Aquamarine Ring 

Price: $3,900. Learn more about the Woodlands Aquamarine Ring. 

Your mom is sure to feel at peace wearing this magnificent ring, featuring a natural aquamarine baby blue 1.18-carat stone, surrounded by organic French-cut royal blue sapphires and round-cut diamonds. 

April Birthstone: Diamonds 

Diamond Engagement Ring in Box Held Box Customer

Diamonds are forever. They are a girl’s best friend and the traditional birthstone of April. Sparkling with an internal fire of its own, the diamond is one of the world’s most desirable gems. 

The most common type of this breathtakingly beautiful stone is a pure diamond, transparent and colorless. They can also occur naturally in various colors, including blue, yellow, red, purple, and black. They are one of only four genuine precious stones, along with emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. 

  1. Asscher Diamond Ring

Learn more about the Vintage Asscher Diamond Ring. 

If your mom loves vintage jewelry, she’ll love this sophisticated vintage Asscher-cut diamond ring. The center diamond is GIA certified, 1.00 carats, and sits on a platinum mounting with a milgrain bezel detail. The diamond is bordered by fleur-de-lis and diamonds on both sides. 

  1. Diamond and Sapphire Ring

Learn more about this Diamond and Sapphire Ring. 

This exclusive handcrafted diamond and sapphire cabochon ring feature a captivating design of round-cut diamonds surrounded by cabochon Ceylon sapphires within a leaf-shaped pattern. The diamond has SI1 clarity, J color, and weighs approximately 1-carat. 

  1. Rare Diamond and Ruby Retro Ring 

Learn more about the Rare Diamond and Ruby Retro Ring. 

Perhaps your mom would love to admire this tasteful retro rare diamond and ruby ring on her finger. This ring, made circa 1940, truly stands out with its sophisticated retro design. Its centered old mine diamond is encased in a handmade platinum mounting, amongst an angle of plum rubies. 

The wearer of a diamond birthstone is said to have improved relationships and enhanced inner strength. The stone also offers other benefits like clarity, balance, and abundance. 

A natural diamond birthstone ring is the ultimate gift for a mom. To show her how much you love her, get her something truly special. 

May Birthstone: Emerald 

emerald halo ring on wood bg

The May birthstone is an emerald. Its unique, deep, rich green color is a symbol of rebirth and love. The emerald was believed to have strong healing powers and metaphysical properties in ancient times. The stone’s wearer would benefit from good health, prosperity, creative skills, wisdom, and marital bliss. 

  1. Costa Smeralda Ring

Price: $4,800. Learn more about the Costa Smeralda Ring. 

If your mom was born in May, you have several timeless emerald-stoned rings to choose from, including the Costa Smeralda ring. It’s bezel-set in yellow gold with antique diamonds and halo framing. The centered shamrock-green emerald weighs approximately 1.13 carats. 

  1. Newbury Ring

Price: $5,200. Learn more about the Newbury Ring. 

The Newbury ring is another handcrafted platinum stunner. This halo ring features a deep, sparkling green emerald-cut 0.50-carat diamond. It’s surrounded by a double halo of caliber-cut emeralds and diamonds. 

  1. Glendale Band

Price: $1,200. Learn more about the Glendale Band. 

If your mom prefers less extravagant but still beautiful jewelry, she may enjoy wearing this Glendale band ring. This ring offers “less-is-more” glamor. It’s a 14k yellow gold band, centered with a row of caliber-cut natural emeralds. 

June Birthstones: Pearl, Moonstone, and Alexandrite

June is the first multi-birthstone month. The first gems were pearl and moonstone; then alexandrite officially became the third birthstone of June in 2016. 

The wearer of pearls is said to experience good health, wealth, peace, and longevity. Moonstone offers similar benefits as well as great friendships and love. The alexandrite stone is believed to enhance emotional well-being. 

  1. Cenon Ring

Price: $2,800. Learn more about the Cenon Ring. 

This navette ring offers a traditional design we estimate to have been made between 1820-1840. It features a turquoise border and three center seed pearls and shoulders displaying a fleurs-de-lis design, mounted on an 18k yellow gold band. 

  1. Burlington Ring 

Learn more about the Burlington Ring. 

If your mom’s birthday is in June, she may fall in love with this irresistible platinum and diamond ring. Two moonstone-cut diamonds weighing approximately 0. 75 carats each border a traditional cushion-cut 11.14-carat diamond. The shoulders are trimmed with diamonds and hand engravings. 

  1. Bennett Ring

Price: $3,200. Learn more about the Bennett Ring. 

The Bennett Ring, circa 1840, is an exceptional and stunning vintage ring. It features a cushion-cut citrine gemstone surrounded by a halo of pearls. The Bennett Ring was crafted somewhere between 1820-1840. 

July Birthstone: Ruby

Rubies are known for their vivid and vibrant red color. They rival diamonds in hardness, rarity, and connection to the heart. Rubies are also strongly associated with health, wisdom, and love. The deeper the red hue, the better luck a ruby is believed to bring. Ruby gemstones have been one of the most sought-after throughout history for these reasons and still are today. 

  1. Estate Ruby Ring

Estate Ruby Ring Glitter Nails

Learn more about the Estate Ruby Ring. 

This fetching deep-red Burmese Ruby is prong-mounted between two diamonds and surrounded by more diamonds. It’s enough to make your mom feel like a million dollars. The ruby weighs approximately 2.24 carats. 

  1. Vintage Burma Ruby Cocktail Ring 

Learn about the Vintage Burma Ruby Cocktail Ring. 

The Burmese Cabochon Ruby Cocktail handmade platinum ring is another impressive July birthstone ring. The vintage red gem is surrounded by diamonds and enhanced with attractive pearl-cut diamonds on each side. 

The Myanmar-sourced stone is 10.73 carats. 

  1. Corbette Ring

Price: $2,800. Learn more about the Corbette Ring. 

The Corbette Ring offers a vintage elegance with a 0.75-carat sugarloaf-cut natural dark fuchsia ruby. A halo of bezel-set single-cut diamonds surrounds the gem. We believe this piece was handcrafted in the Edwardian era, around 1905. 

August Birthstone: Peridot 

Peridot Solitaire Birthstone Ring in Box

The birthstone for August, peridot, isn’t a name that’s easily remembered. As well as an unusual name, it uniquely occurs in varying tones of olive green and only green. 

Peridot is believed to offer a calming effect to the wearer and generates happiness and warmth. It’s also believed to reduce anxiety and enhance strength. 

  1. August Birthstone Ring

Price: $600. Learn more about the August Birthstone Ring. 

If your mom celebrates her birthday in August and prefers rings that offer elegance and simplicity, this oval-cut August Birthstone Ring might be the right gift for her. Its center features a dazzling peridot signature olive-green stone, with diamonds along with the band on either side. The gem weighs approximately 1.10 carats, and the band itself is 14k yellow gold. 

  1. August Aven Ring 

Price: $1,100. Learn about the August Aven Ring. 

The August Aven Ring is another eye-catching peridot ring. Like the August Birthstone Ring, its peridot gem is embellished with white diamonds along the shoulders, but this time the diamonds go along the entire border of the stone. 

The lively natural peridot weighs approximately 2.10 carats, the diamonds weigh 0.15 carats, and the ring is 18k yellow gold. 

  1. Essonne Ring

Price: $3,800. Learn more about the Essonne Ring. 

The natural emerald-cut gem on this platinum handcrafted Edwardian-inspired ring weighs approximately 3.99 carats. The sides offer a fleur-de-lis design with blue sapphires and European-cut diamonds. 

September Birthstone: Sapphire

Blog DYL4 Sapphire Cocktail Ring Artistic

September’s birthstone is the precious sapphire. This gemstone is generally a deep blue but can be found in many other colors as well. 

The sapphire was traditionally kings’ and priests’ favorite gem, and it’s believed to be a symbol of wisdom, purity, loyalty, and trust. Since the Middle Ages, sapphires have also been considered to protect those close to you. 

  1. Laguna Ring

Price: $4,500. Learn more about the Laguna Ring. 

The Laguna Ring is a beautiful 18k white gold ring. The Art Deco era design offers a 2.99-carat cabochon deep blue sapphire, prong-mounted. This piece is accentuated by a combination of smaller round- and baguette-cut diamonds. Its outline includes a fine milgrain detail that will look gorgeous on your mom’s finger. 

  1. Harvard Ring 

Harvard Finger Picture

Learn about the Harvard Ring. 

This exquisite sapphire-centered, round-cut diamond ring is simply enchanting. Platinum and handcrafted, its mounting offers a triple wire shank emphasized with diamonds along the ring. The stone is a deep blue hue and weighs approximately 1.78 carats. 

  1. Portland Ring

Price: $5,600. Learn about the Portland Ring. 

The Portland ring is another classic sapphire and diamond ring that your mom could easily fall in love with. The gemstone weighs approximately 1.52 carats and is bezel-set, encircled by sparkling diamonds, and has a beautiful openwork filigree under-gallery. 

October Birthstones: Opal and Tourmaline 

Antique Tiffany and Co Opal Ring

The opal and pink tourmaline are October’s birthstones. Both are well-known for their complementary combinations and many color variations. 

The primary birthstone, tourmaline, is rare. Depending on the elements present, it’s one of the few gems found in virtually every color. Because of this, it’s often mistaken for other gemstones. Pink tourmalines offer clarity as transparent as diamonds. 

Opal is said to accumulate all the benefits of all other gems in a single stone. Its shimmering, rainbow-like tone defines it. The blend of colors for each opal is unique, so every wearer owns an exclusive stone. 

Opal and Tourmaline Birthstone Meanings 

Opal has traditionally been associated with faithfulness, loyalty, hope, purity, and confidence. It’s understood to be infused with beneficial properties connected to eyesight and internal visualization, i.e., dreams and imagination. 

The name “opal” originated in India, where it was named “upala,” meaning “precious stone” in Sanskrit. It then became known as “opalus” in ancient Rome. Many opals are appreciated for their ever-changing colors in rainbow tones, a marvel that is known as “play-of-color.” 

The tourmaline, also highly colorful, has many meanings. A pink tourmaline, for example, represents compassion and love, and a green stone symbolizes strength and courage. By comparison, black tourmaline is said to invoke an awareness of self-confidence. 

  1. Antique Coral Ring 

Red Opal Onyx and Diamonds October Birthstone for Mothers

Learn more about this Antique Coral Ring. 

If your mom was born in October and likes deep reds, consider buying her the Antique Coral Ring as an alternative to opal or tourmaline. This stylish vintage ring features a large, buffed, vivid red coral highlighted with contrasting black enamel and old-cut diamonds. 

This handcrafted platinum ring was made around 1920, possibly unlike any ring you’ve seen before. 

  1. Tourmaline Ring 

Learn more about this Tourmaline Ring. 

This Tourmaline gemstone Ring features a lavish Edwardian-style platinum design. With diamonds and an openwork filigree gallery and shoulders, it looks truly regal. The stone is a vivid, deep green and weighs approximately 6.00 carats. 

November Birthstones: Topaz or Citrine 

Citrine Earrings on Ear

If your mom’s birthday is in November, she’ll have two beautiful birthstones to choose from: topaz and citrine. Both gems offer calming energy and bring warmth and fortune to the wearer. 

  1. Everton Ring

Price: $1,800. Learn more about the Everton Ring. 

The 18k white gold Everton Ring has an emerald-cut blue topaz emphasized by a beautiful geometric layout on its shoulders. The gemstone weighs approximately 5.00 carats. 

  1. Retro Citrine Ring 

November birthstone rings for mom Citrine on wood

Price: $9,000. Learn more about the Retro Citrine Ring. 

Even if she weren’t born in November, your mom would love this vintage retro Citrine birthstone ring. The 18k gold ring mounts a stunning Citrine gemstone. Created sometime in the mid-century, the ring is sculpted with detailed, graduated concentric lines. 

  1. Cicero Ring

Learn more about the Cicero Ring. 

The Cicero ring was made around 1930 and is a bold Art Deco-style platinum ring that features a sparkling citrine gem. The prong-set stone weighs approximately 5.00 carats, and the shoulders are encrusted with old-cut diamonds set geometrically. 

December Birthstones: Tanzanite, Turquoise, Zircon, and Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz Gold RingBlue Topaz is also the birthstone of December. Click here to purchase this ring.

December is the other month to have three official birthstones: tanzanite, a blue to bluish-purple stone; turquoise, an intense blue and green color; and Zircon, a gemstone that can occur in any color of the rainbow. There is still some debate around whether blue topaz is a December birthstone or not. 

December stones are believed to symbolize the following: 

  • Tanzanite: has become a symbol of perception, intuition, and heightened self-awareness. 
  • Turquoise: the greenish aquamarine hue of turquoise has become identified with a feeling of vitality and peace. 
  • Zircon: many cultures associate this gem with wisdom and prosperity. 
  • Blue topaz: predominantly in Sri Lanka, Brazil, and China, this gem is a powerful love and fidelity symbol. 

If your mom loves the color blue, then look through our December birthstones collection to find the most mesmerizing blue hues. 

  1. December Birthstone Ring

Blue Topaz December Birthstone Ring

Price: $600. Learn about the December Birthstone Ring. 

The December Birthstone Ring by Estate Diamond Jewelry has an exquisite natural blue topaz stone with natural diamonds along the shoulders. The oval-shaped gem is of a deep and vivid ocean blue. 

The gem weighs approximately 1.10 carats, and the ring itself is a 14k white gold band. The decorative diamonds have a total weight of roughly 0.03 carats. 

  1. December Monroe Ring

Price: $900. Learn more about the December Monroe Ring. 

This stunning December Monroe Ring is a sparkling London blue saturated topaz gem weighing approximately 1.70 carats. It’s encircled in a row of white diamonds and an 18k white gold band with a detailed under-gallery. 

  1. Vintage Bulgari Cocktail Ring 

11155 Bulgari Turquoise Earrings in Box

Learn about Vintage Bulgari Cocktail Ring. 

This traditional 1960 Bulgari Cocktail Ring features a stunning turquoise gemstone mounted in a diamond-encrusted 18k gold band. 

A Perfect Birthstone Ring for Mom 

Customer Trying an Engagement Ring at Estate Diamond Jewelry

Not only is a birthstone ring an excellent gift for your mom, but the different gems are also said to connect the wearer to the healing qualities of the planet. Since ancient times, birthstones have been worn all over the body to offer protection, release spiritual blockages, and grant many other benefits. 

When thinking about the right birthstone ring, no matter which month she was born, you’ll have the option to choose from a wide range of aesthetically pleasing stones that offer dazzling elegance sure to turn heads.

As well as experiencing the energies produced by the birthstone, she’s likely to feel a constant closeness to you, her devoted child. 

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