5 popular diamond mangal sutras from 5 TV series queens

5 well-liked diamond mangal sutras from 5 TV sequence queens

For hundreds and possibly thousands of years, a Mangal Sutra has been one of the most notable pieces of jewelry adorned by married Indian women. While Mangalsutra is the most important, there are four other symbols of marriage that an Indian woman generally wears to symbolize her marriage: toe rings, kumkum, bangles, and nose ring. Of course, this practice is more common in the Hindu religion than in others. Even so, Mangal Sutras have been made immensely popular by some overly romantic Bollywood films, and most importantly, the wide variety of daily soaps that are broadcast on Indian television!

Before we dive deeper into the world of the exquisite piece of jewelry that is a Mangal Sutra, let’s first understand its meaning! The word “Mangal” implies “sacred” while “Sutra” refers to “thread” which means that a Mangal Sutra is essentially a sacred thread that binds the groom and bride in a lifelong relationship. Since Indian television series have an exceptional tendency to show the sacredness of love and marriage, Mangal Sutras have long been and continue to be an important part of the cast of leading actresses. This is exactly what we’re going to take a closer look at – Top 5 Diamond Mangalsutra Designs Worn by the Leading Ladies on the Top 5 Indian TV Series!

1. Actress – Mouni Roy | Character – Naagin (Shivanya)

There is no doubt that the brilliant actress Mouni Roy has everything to make viewers want more – from her stunning looks to her brilliant acting, from her infallible demeanor to her charming personality! And to complement her already strong screen presence, Naagin’s costume designers, which air on Colors TV, have made sure that she wears the most stunning jewelry there is. Not only can she be seen flaunting some incredibly designed dumplers, but she almost always wears a dainty Mangal Sutra with one studded with a sparkling solitaire.

Solitaire Mangalsutra - Mouni Roy

If you’ve been looking for a Solitaire Mangalsutra that will make you look as remarkable as Mouni Roy himself, then we insist that you check out these incredible Diamond Mangalsutra designs from KuberBox –

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Of course, it wasn’t just Mouni Roy’s character who wore this stunner in Naagin, but also that of Surbhi Jyoti!

Diamond Solitaire Mangal Sutra - Surbhi Jyoti

In addition, numerous others have styled their TV avatars with a Solitaire Mangal Sutra, for example Ishqbaaz ‘Srenu Parikh and Surbhi Chandana!


The Solitaire Mangal Sutra not only rules the Indian television industry, but has also been a mainstay among Bollywood stars! In fact, the sparkling Sonam Kapoor, polite Samantha Akkineni, and dazzling Deepika Padukone opted for a Solitaire Mangal Sutra for their wedding ceremonies! We were so in love with Deepika’s choice of the glamorous Mangal Sutra that we couldn’t help but discuss the same at length on our blog – something you definitely want to read!

Deepika Padukon Mangal Sutra

2. Actress – Surbhi Chandana | Character – Annika Oberoi

Whether you’re an avid viewer of the Ishqbaaz show on Star Plus or just got a glimpse of it, we can bet on one fact: you fell in love with the way actress Surbhi Chandana wears herself. For all we know, she is the perfect representation of what a modern Indian woman looks like. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to refer to her as an icon for that contemporary Indian look that we women go for, all while always wearing some stunning diamond and gold mangal sutras!

Before we offer some exciting design inspiration from Surbhi’s style, here’s a quick question for you? Which do you prefer – a humble minimalist gold Mangal Sutra necklace or a more opulent diamond pendant Mangal Sutra?

Whether you like the former or the latter, with Kuber Box by your side, you can never miss some incredible design options!

surbhi chandana mangalsutra from ishqbaaz

If you are someone who is fascinated by the simplicity of things, here are some Mangal Sutra chain designs that you will fall in love with –

Tina Mangal Sutra Two-Tone Pendant | Rs. From 52,900

Vilochan makes Mangal Sutra | Rs. From 27,000

And if you’ve set your eyes on the gloriously rich Diamond Mangla Sutra, this design is sure to seduce you –

Nayantara Mangalsutra | Rs. From 17,000

3. Actress – Rubina Dialik | Character – Soumya Singh

Indian television series today are doing an excellent job breaking down stereotypes and offering a new perspective on things. This is precisely why the Shakti, Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki color television series has caught the audience’s attention. The series shows the transgender community and how they interact with others in society while fighting for justice. It was brought to life by Rubina Dialik, who plays the protagonist Soumya Singh. While there are innumerable aspects of Soumya that make them just amazing, we almost always marvel at their mighty long Mangal Sutra!

Rubina Rose Mangalsutra

If you too are ready to own a Mangal Sutra that is as beautifully long and as deeply immersed in gold as Rubina’s character, then don’t wait any longer before contacting us at https://www.kuberbox.com/customized-jewellery- india.html and visit Our competent designers are happy to create an individual Mangal Sutra for you!

4th Actress Shivangi Joshi | Character – Naira Singhania

If there’s one contemporary television series whose popularity has crossed the lines with the utmost ease, and which has managed to woo its audiences for more than a decade, it has to be Star Plus’ Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai! The current protagonist, the actress Shivangi Joshi, has successfully portrayed the oh-so charming and yet courageous character of Naira Singhania with the greatest possible flair. And while we love to see Naira in her westernized avatar, we just can’t get enough of her adorable Indian look!

Shivangi Joshi Diamond Mangal Sutra Design

And if you had seen her on the show, you would definitely have gone head over heels for her minimalist yet opulent Diamond Mangalsutra design! The truth is, we were too, which is why our designers at KuberBox curated the exact same piece that you can look forward to. Here it is!

3-part Solitaire Mangal Sutra | Rs. From 92,000

5. Actress Jenifer Winget | Character – Maya Jaisingh

Maya Jaisingh, an international best-selling writer, is deeply obsessed with her husband, who leads to the downfall of their loving relationship and ultimately their marriage! But that’s the only unlikely aspect of actress Jenifer Winget on the Beyhadh show, which airs on Sony Entertainment Television. Everything else is just impressive. From her rich ensembles to her selection of exquisite jewels, from her amazing makeup to her extraordinary flair, we are impressed with every aspect of her being and most importantly, her dazzling Mangal Sutra!

Jenifer Winget Mangalsutra Design5 Popular Diamond Mangal Sutras from 5 TV Series Queens 8

If you too were flattered by its impressive Mangal Sutra design, you can only order it from KuberBox now!

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At KuberBox we understand the meaning of each piece of jewelry not only from a stylistic but also from a religious point of view. Therefore, we leave no stone unturned to bring you a special selection of ornaments, especially those related to your wedding ceremony – from Mangal Sutra to bangles, from rings to bridal jewelry and everything in between. For all you know, our designers can help you complete your look in the most stunning way possible! From intricate designs to fine craftsmanship, from using pure gold to precious diamonds and gemstones, KuberBox’s bridal jewelry has it all.

So don’t wait any longer before browsing through our amazing collection of Diamond Mangal Sutra, Gemstone Mangal Sutra, Contemporary Mangal Sutra and Mangal Sutra Necklaces. Regardless of your ethnicity – North Indian or Andra Bottu, Goan or Maharashtrian, Tamil Thali, Kerala Thali or Kannada – at KuberBox you can get them all without a fuss.

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