5 wedding jewelry for Indian rituals infographic 2021

5 wedding ceremony jewellery for Indian rituals infographic 2021

Celebrating an Indian ritual, especially a wedding, involves an unspoken dress code for both men and women. As with everything else, women take it upon themselves to dress up like a dream with their fair share of traditionally rich and heavy clothing, perfectly complemented by sparkling jewelry! When it comes to a special occasion, an Indian woman is dressed from head to toe in jewelry – which is by no means exaggerated.

For what it’s worth, Indian jewelry is essentially an indispensable part of the Indian wedding, almost as indispensable as the bride herself – as it is often viewed as something that speaks of the immense love, care, and pampering she comes from received from her parents.

At KuberBox, we understand the meaning of each piece of jewelry not only from a stylistic but also from a religious point of view. Therefore we leave no stone unturned to offer you a special selection of ornaments with which you can complete your look in a breathtaking way! From intricate designs to fine craftsmanship, from using pure gold to precious diamonds and gemstones, KuberBox’s bridal jewelry has it all. While we offer a wide variety of jewelry for the bride, we take great pride in our specially designed collection of the top 5 wedding jewelry for Indian rituals including –

Usually the focus was on wearing gold jewelry. However, with the development of fashion sensitivity, more and more families are opting for diamond bridal jewelry, and in some cases even gemstone bridal jewelry. It is precisely for this reason that we at KuberBox offer an without exception extensive jewelry collection that corresponds to both traditional Indian rituals and the contemporary style quotient of the brides.

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